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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mhroblak</b></div><div>Wtf? You know that Jones plays the style of Adam Fox right? We don’t have any other defencemen who use hockey IQ as such an asset. And on top of that, we have a surplus of belligerent defencemen in Robertson, Schneider, Lindgren, and Trouba.

Furthermore, you’re massively underrating the value of Jones. I would even rank him 2nd in our entire prospect pool (yes, ahead of Vitali Kravtsov and Braden Schneider) and Scott Wheeler said the same thing in his recent prospect rankings.</div></div>

Ok let’s first get this straight he’s a great prospect and I put him right up there with us, but just Bc one guys says an order doesn’t mean that’s how it works. The a good defense is a balanced one. Offensive minded smart players and defensive players. (Trouba might not be here much longer which is why Schneider is crucial.) offensive players include fox, nils (maybe consider him a 2 way), Keandre ( a 2 way player), Jones, ( troubas just a wierd case of I guess more defensively these days). Lindgren, Nemeth are the two defensivedefensemen. Schneider mad Robertson are both great two way players these days and even if you want to just say Schneider strictly is defensive guy, we still have an abundance. My point isn’t whether I don’t value Jones it’s just that we don’t have room for him. So yea if we can trade him in a package for turcotte 1000% I would I just don’t see it and if teams are hiking up the price of Dvorak and drury sees him as a 2C then I wouldn’t be shocked if Jones and Georgiev in a package deal for him and something else is a deal.