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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Eli</b></div><div>That's cool. The Caps have a better chance of repeating if they just keep Kuznetsov, but Chytil and Lafreniere would keep them in the playoffs longer, and avoid a messy rebuild.

I linked my earlier post of the Rangers' side of this, which I think is an instant contender, but that's just because a top line of Panarin, Kuznetsov, and Kravtsov would be filthy, a center depth chart of Kuznetsov, Zibanejad, Eller, Strome would stand up to any team in the league, and moving 12M of cap baggage off the blue line lets them improve the blue line right away. It makes sense that you're angry if you haven't seen the Rangers' side of this. I built it just out of curiosity, but I think it's win-win. Kuznetsov was scouted as a potential #1 pick but the rumor was he'd never come to play in North America. Washington took a chance with a late 1st. He panned out and led the playoffs in points and assists in 2018. He and Eller each had overtime goals. Eller had the Cup-winning goal against Vegas, and led a fantastic third line with Burakovsky and Connolly, whom he helped develop into the top-six guys they are today. He speaks Swedish and might be a good mentor for Kakko.

But, yeah, Lafreniere is gonna be awesome, too. I don't know which side wins this. Depends who wants the Cup more.

edit: Rangers' side: <a href=""></a>

earlier link was playoff stats from 2018. Kuznetsov has led the Caps in points through a couple regular seasons and their championship run. Ovechkin, Carlson, and Backstrom played well, too. They just didn't get as many points as Kuznetsov. Watch him play some time. He's fun.</div></div>

WSH wins this in a lopsided fashion, and there's no way NYR would ever think of making this deal. No matter how you try to justify it, there's zero incentive for them to make this trade.