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28 sep 2020
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13 sep 1983
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Lenny54</b></div><div>I don't see any reason to take Kakko...2nd OA pick like Reinhart and hasn't come close to what Sam had done his first 2 seasons. Fans always have him in an Eichel trade bc they see he isn't that good.
Let it start with Lafreniere and see how fast everyone says not worth it to get Eichel. In reality any Eichel trade should start with a top center prospect, end of story.

If the Sabres are to maximize a return on Eichel then it should be done this summer bc if it goes to next summer then the Sabres lose the advantage and Eichel pulls a Hall and it's either Boston or NY. That holds true even if it's just before the NMC takes hold.

If I'm Adams do the trade this summer and get it over with and start the rebuild. Time is not on the Sabres side and moving Eichel has to be done sooner than later.</div></div>

I mostly agree with you. What you also should factor in is a kid, English being a 2nd language at best, playing in shortened seasons, injury and Covid-19 positive, plus lock downs and unable to bond with teammates to the same degree, playing in the biggest market in the league with the highest expectations. Most of these points can be carried over to Laf too. The amount that both guys have improved in their limited games has actually been great considering their TOI as well. Can you say that Sam has played less TOI or on the 3rd/4th line? I’m guessing not.... Eichel needs to be moved ASAP but won’t be at the outrageous price. Assuming BUF drafts Beniers and has Cozens, do you really need another 1C/2C prospect? Might be better to target other gaps. Could always buy another 1C like Barkov and address the other areas with prospects too. I personally don’t touch the Eichel deals. Kakko, Kravs, Laf are doing great for kids developing in times like these. 0 concerns. Major neck injury and really not a ton of proof that Eichel could be a game changing player has me uninterested in throwing away the youth and potential over the next 10-15 years for 5 years of maybe