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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xqb15a</b></div><div>Critique from a practical point.
EJ - they aren’t trading him. Besides being great in the locker room, he can still play when healthy, he’s a great mentor for the young d, and when his contract expires they will basically use it all to re-sign MacKinnon.
Trochek- why? The Avs have Newhook and they WANT and EXPECT him to be the 2C next season if not sooner.
Kuemper - the only way he signs a deal that small is if the Avs flame out in the playoffs, and if they do that they won’t go back to the well regardless the cost to obtain him. A more realistic amount is closer to $6M.
Nichushkin - love Val would love him back but some analytics driven team is going to offer more especially if he has a 40pt+ season playing on the 2nd line where he is pencilled in right now by the Avs.
Sampo Ranta - right now he is pushing hard to make the Avs this year, he is significantly better than Maltsev.
MacDermid - is awful, full stop. Mistake of a trade by Sakic this year.

It’s a creative ACGM just don’t like it that much, though I do like the thought of adding a Pavelski for the bottom 6.</div></div>

EJ - agree
Trochek - Agree except we already know what he is while Newhook still has to prove he can be that 2C
Kuemper - Sort of agree but I'm not sure the Avs want to go into yet another off-season with big questions at G; he will want more than $4.75 for sure
Nuke - Even if he does well, he knows what he is; he flamed out in DAL because they wanted him to be more than he was capable of. If he is wise, he won't try to capitalize on what he's done with the Avs because then he'll be expected to put up 40+ points and be an offensive difference-maker. Better for him to stay with the Avs as a defensive specialist who has a limited offensive dimension to his game even if it means leaving some money on the table.
Ranta - Agree; much higher ceiling than MM
MacDermid - It was probably too high a price by Sakic but I'm withholding judgement until we see how he's deployed and if he serves the purpose for which he was acquired
Forum: Armchair-GM 1 oct à 8 h 35
Sujet: Kessel
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xqb15a</b></div><div>I just don’t think Kessel is a good fit. Roughly 50% of his points are coming of the power play the last 3 years, he has as much interest in defense as Allen Iverson had in practice. The value imo is very fair, but the fact TOR, BOS AND PIT all moved on from him makes me wonder especially considering they did it in his prime not at the tail end of his career. I could warm to the idea though that’s why I said idk.</div></div>

They may have moved on from him but I imagine some of that was cost. He did, after all, win two Cups in PIT, and has a knack for scoring goals and you need goals to win. Everyone knows he doesn't really play D but that isn't why you bring him in. It's really tempting, with the new blood the Avs have coming in, to go after a rental like Kessel at the cost of JTC, a prospect that probably needs a new opportunity and a 3rd. In terms of where you put him, I'd think he could slide in next to Newhook to give him a legit scorer for the third line. If Nuke is moving to the 2nd line, I think a Jost-Newhook-Kessel line could give them a lot of added scoring depth while still having two defensively responsible guys there so they don't become a liability.

All that being said, I'd much rather have a Forsberg or Hertl but that is going to cost considerably more, probably at least one top prospect and a 1st just to start. Also, I can't imagine either of those players being available until the TDL while Kessel is probably available now. Now, if I'm Sakic, I see Kessel as a straight-up rental while I'd need to be sure I could re-sign Forsberg or Hertl so that is also a factor.
Forum: Armchair-GM29 sep à 8 h 18
Sujet: Forsberg
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Richard88</b></div><div>There are many ways to be creative.

Brisbois is pretty creative yes, but he's also gotten lucky with injuries the last two cup runs which has helped. Kucherov on LTIR until game 1 of the playoffs is also both lucky timing and (imo) breaking the rules - or at least goes against the spirit of fair play. Embracing LTIR before the season even starts is one way, but that blocks a teams ability to accrue cap for the deadline.

Clearly Sakic wanted to try to accrue capspace last year for the deadline, but a mountain of injuries put stop to that plan. It was clear to see the plan from the start of the season though, and just because it failed due to injuries doesn't mean that it wasn't a good or creative plan. In the end we were forced to surf LTIR for the rest of the season, leaving minimal capspace at the deadline (meaning only dirt cheap rentals like Dubnyk, Nemeth, and Soderberg) along with causing $1.7m in overages that affect this season.</div></div>

True enough - and I'm not one of those who thinks any of the past three years' playoff exits had anything to do with one another but I'm also not one to accuse BriseBois of cheating. He used the tools available to him to put a really strong team on the ice plus the organization drafted and developed really well. It may not "feel" like he did things the "right way" but it's his job to give his team the best chance to win and he did that.

I'm interested to see what Joe does this year in terms of getting more of the young guys that have been "marinating" in the AHL onto the team, playing meaningful minutes to keep costs down and maybe even to showcase them for a trade for someone like Forsberg or Hertl who would really round out that top 6. Of course, injuries can derail the best-laid plans so we'll have to cross our fingers on that front.