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13 sep 2020
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JasonianOne</b></div><div>If Landy wants more I am okay with it but I am looking at cheaper goaltending options if Grubauer wants more. I am fine rolling with a Mrazek, Driedger, Ullmark, etc.

I would much rather Hyman than re-signing Saad and I am not sure how much of a raise the Leafs can afford for him. I love Hyman's compete and motor and his puck retrieval is vastly superior over Saad's at this point in their careers.</div></div>

If the Avs go deep in the playoffs this year or win the Cup, Gru will be a big reason for that. I can't see them just letting him walk and going with guys who haven't accomplished nearly as much over their careers. I see where you're coming from, though, and it <em>could</em> work a la the Hawks and Anttii Niemi but that's a big risk.

I'm with you on Saad - I like what he brings overall but if they can get a guy that can fill the same role who is younger, that's a better deal for them. But, Saad would likely be a bit cheaper than $5M - I can't see him commanding much more than $4M on the open market at this point of his career. He says he can see himself in Colorado long-term so maybe he takes a big discount to stay? I will say it's more likely Joe pulls off a trade rather than pay a guy like Hyman $5M in FA - that's more his style.

I know there is a lot of optimism around Newhook but I can't see him being able to jump to the NHL and take over at 3C right away. I think it's a lot more likely that they'd just not re-sign Saad and put Newhook at wing on the 2nd line to get his feet wet at the NHL level. They have someone they know can play 3C in Jost and will have options at 4C.
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