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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>arafay</b></div><div>Heinola and Samberg would both be your 2nd best defence prospects (after smith). I like bahl and ohktuyk (I tried) but Samberg and heinola are miles better. Samberg is drawing Colton parayko as a comparable for potential (his floor Brandon Carlo) while heinola projects to be an excellent #2/3. Bahl’s potential is a number 3 shutdown d, so kind of similar to Samberg, but also has major question marks unlike Samberg. Heinola would simply contend with smith for best d prospect in your system.

So no they would be your top prospects as they are for us. And we aren’t moving em lol.

His floor is an nhl player. He was nhl ready 2 years ago to be a bottom 6 forward but the jets don’t develop top prospects by playing them in bottom six roles when they can go back and be better (ie Connor). He was sent to the ahl to learn the North American game better and he was the only impact forward for over half the year on that team so his points are bound to decrease. He is likely going to be a top 6 guy or at least a middle - six guy.</div></div>

For d-man, I was thinking 1 Smith, 2 Bahl, 3 Mukhamadullin, [4/5 Heinola/Samberg], 6 Misyul, 7 Walsh, 8 Okhotyuk. Mukhamadullin is wild card...but Smith/Bahl a tier above all others. The player I could see NJD trading for would be Logan Stanley. I have suggested a McLeod for Stanley swap on here often. Both still have plenty of a future in NHL, and both could use a change of scenery.

As for Vesalainen, no point in selling him low if his potential is still there.
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