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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>evelutions2</b></div><div>So he was top 5 in the league, but can’t score to save his life while playing with McDavid? Sounds about right why he would be on his way out. Whether PJ’s on ice impact was top 5 or bottom 5 in the league isn’t what matters to other teams. First glance they will see he played with McDavid for most of the season and couldn’t even put up 40 points. If he can’t even do that with McDavid, what’s the likelihood other teams can get more offensive production out of him. He is elite defensively, and would more than likely benefit from going to a team that actually has a structured defensive game, but his offensive game is not good enough to warrant him to get anything more than a 2nd in most people’s eyes.

As for the Canes trade, I’m not sure Canes do that since it seems they are running it back. Valuation is fine albeit probably still a bit high since Necas still can take that next step.</div></div>

That was more or less the view. Kassian 3.2m hit for 2 years to avoid a buyout affecting them for 4 would be ~2nd round worth.

At this point asking for more then that for Pulju would be like wings fans asking for more then a high second for zadina - who is significantly younger and has more time to grow into a player who produces. Similar story though - when playing top six minutes, really good underlying metrics - and then doesn’t score.

We’ll see re Carolina. It’s called a dream that wouldn’t happen for a reason. I’m not even sure Steve is likely to trade bert. But as long as the valuation is close I’m happy - bert would be a real strong add for a push, great physical player who racks up points, 30 goal scorer, and they’d have him for less than 3m to boot. All depends on what the canes are looking at next year. The risk of course to Detroit would be Necas might never make that step and had a meh year.