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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Daoloth</b></div><div>Islanders took a step forward trading for Eberle only to take 2 steps back dealing Hamonic. They needed to at least get Ferland who had 15 goals if they were going to ship him to flames. Bad move by Islanders for a team who missed post season by 1 or 2 points depending on if had a tie breaker or not. Shipping a guy who has an upside with a contract under 4M cheaper than Russell, Muzzin, Martinez, among many others wasn't good for NYI. Flames need to win now going with Mike Smith or whoever in net, now they have a nice top 4 D with Doogie Hamilton who always liked from Boston days, TJ Brodie another guy like, then the big name Giordana or however spell his name with Hamonic rounding them out. Lucky for Islanders they at least have Mayfield along with Pullock or whatever whoa re right shots to play behind Boychuk. Not happy about this deal, hoped they could get Trouba from Jets if were shipping a right shot D :)... Now if they don't sign Shattenkirk or Cody Franson their D will probably not be as stellar missing post season by 5-10 points. At least Garth Snow is still himself, backing from his desire for 2 first round picks for Hamnoic.

I think much of this was motivated by him wanting to be traded closer to Winnipeg for family reasons. Kings cry about stuff instead of making deals for a right shot D-man... They could have signed Cody Franson, kept Schenn for a total of 4.25M or so. Either way teams in the West are getting better while the Kings are lucky Vancouver is there to keep them from finishing last :). I had wanted Vegas to take Ferland but he was protected. Islanders will probably botch these draft picks anyways knowing them :). Must be tough for their hardcore fans anytime they seem to move forward they spring backwards ;).</div></div>

Dobson, Bolduc and not having Hamonic make me very happy. :)