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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>arafay</b></div><div>Okay, suppose we move wheeler off the first line. How do you suppose we line it up? I’m not saying I like wheeler on the first kind because I don’t, he not that player anymore, I agree. However, how else can we line it up? Wheeler can’t be out of the top 6 because he’s still one of our top 6 forwards. Ehlers can’t be out with scheifele because connor and wheeler can’t drive a line and dubios is just starting to get settled in with ehelrs. Stastny may be a good option but he’s not much better than wheeler (if at all). The fact is that wheeler is playing with scheifele until perfetti is ready (more on that later), whether you like it or not.

Copp is not a top 6 guy, I agree. Put him back with Lowry and bring back a shutdown line. Copp is good to step into a top 6 role temporarily but only temporarily.

Perfetti looked quite good. However, he’s not ready in my opinion. He was bullied out there tonight to be honest. He needs to bulk up. He can’t be dodging checks that look like they will decapitate him all season, especially in the playoffs. He’s no ehelrs yet. He was fine in puck battles but anytime someone came at him with momentum, he would lose. I don’t think I saw him win a single one like that. That’s not a knock on him, but for his size and age, it’s very normal.

Connor looks much better. He was actually able to drive some play tonight. Hopefully a sign of what’s to come. I always though connor and scheifele could be an elite duo, I’d only they would both commit more to the little things like backchecking

Nash looked awful. While I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt because he had a good preseason, he was honestly terrible. Couldn’t win a single puck battle, was bad with zone entries, and was not good on the PK either (more on that later)

The jets need to be much more disciplined. It’s nearly impossible to win a game when you take over 2 penalties a period. It kills any momentum you try to generate and we saw that tonight. Not to mention, constantly being on the PK takes your dynamic players out of the game (like ehlers, dubios and connor). Players like these thrive with more minutes but being on the PK for a third of the game doesn’t exactly help the offence there.

While I understand what maurice was trying to do, it was doomed to fail without schiefele in the lineup. The jets need a top 6 winger before playoffs. Maybe that’s Vesalainen if he can start shooting more.

That PK was HORRIFIC. That **** needs to be fixed ASAP. While the jets have been fortunate in this regard, but you can’t have a good penalty kill when your only guy actually killing penalties is hellebuyck. Like WTF were the defensemen doing??? Clear the ****ing net. And the forwards? ****ing pressure the points.

Additional notes:
-Hellebuyck looked a bit shaky (by his standard) but im not worried
-Vesalainen looked good when playing. He looks great along the boards and with the puck on his stick. However, would like to see some more confidence in his game. He looks really solid defensively though right now. Put him with Copp and Lowry and see where that goes right now in my opinion.
-Morrissey looks like he will have a good season. His skating is better. His puck moving is better. His decision making is better. His defensive play is better. Looks great. Schmidt was quietly good along side him but I’d like to see Schmidt get a little more active but that’ll come with experience.
-I love that Dillon-Pionk pairing. They put serious fear in the other teams players, despite Pionk not being a big guy. It opens a lot of space up for the pairing to make plays and we all know what pionk can do with some time and space.
-Stanley looked good. Nothing hugely special. He should definitely shoot more (was the thing I liked most about his game last year). Demelo needs to be better on the pk

-overall, looks good and no need to sound the alarm just yet. But definitely some things to work on</div></div>

I know Wheeler won't be taken out of the top six but that doesn't change my opinion, he and the Jets would be best served if he was on line three or even four.

The PK has sucked for years, just way too passive, also some of those penalties weren't really undisciplined, they were from being caught flat footed or just being beat, like Wheeler's penalty for example.
Forum: Armchair-GMThu at 7:50 pm