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12 jan 2019
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Jets de Winnipeg
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Red Wings de Detroit
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Birtle34</b></div><div>Crazy the gap between pionk/morrissey/laine/ehlers/scheifele/connor/ then stasny/wheeler/ then everybody else. There is no body that can steal any of there ice or jobs anytime soon. And worst part is they keep adding vets that just steal ice from the Appleton’s and harkins. They look like solid 3/4 liners too, so why the need for more of the same in Thompson and Lewis or even spending more money on Lowry and pearrault. Beaulieu/poolman/forbort not sure of the need beyond this season. But probably all brought back again to block more kids. Love of vets getting old, would rather live and die with the kids. But just a vent of seeing more of the same</div></div>

That bottom six is just so dull, Perreault seems like a shell of his former self, Lowry and Copp are stonehands, Lewis and Thompson were 4th liners in their primes, Harkins and Appelton have some upside but Appleton seems like he can't finish very often and the worst part of it is Maurice will just never take the three most offensive guys from that group and make a line out of it and see what happens, I'm sure we'll be watching the Copp/Lowry combo slug around for the next 5 to 6 years so can't see Harkins or Appleton amounting to much if they're stuck on a line with those two. I appreciate the toughness and physical play but an occasional goal would really help!
I wouldn't mind if Forbort came back and Beaulieu is signed for another year but yeah the rest can go away, it's beyond time for a major flush in the bottom half of this lineup, unfortunately I don't see much changing.
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Sujet: Bye Blake
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