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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mikearky</b></div><div>The Ghost trade is a no go. Rubtsov is a bust and Ghost is a cap dump, so why are we giving up a decent 4th line center, a defensman who is has played in the NHL but compares with Rubtsov and a pick?</div></div>

I don't think calling Rubtsov a bust is entirely fair. Rubtsov needs to get healthy and can probably stick at least as a bottom 6 guy. Cholowski is actually more concerning because he has gotten his chances to contribute and has been healthy scratched and the Red Wings don't seem to believe in him much anymore. All these guys are change of scenery guys, and I feel like Rubtsov is the safest to stick on a roster at this point, because his style of play at least makes him a bottom 6. Ghost is the riskiest part of the deal only because of his contract, but also we've seen him succeed before so he's the highest upside because he can do it. Cholowski doesn't have a safe floor, but also hasn't succeeded enough to warrant benefit of the doubt. I actually think the Red Wings win this deal, because at worst you get a guy for your bottom 6 and a chance at PP QB and goal scoring defenseman. At worst Ghost doesn't return to form and you leave Ghost unprotected next year and there may be a solid chance is snagged up by Seattle, but the Red Wings have no use for Cholowski anymore, they seem like they've pretty much given up on him.

I wouldn't make the deal if I was the Flyers, the only reason I did was because they need Ghost to leave in order to get cap space, but the Red Wings don't have that issue so I feel they were a good match to do a change of scenery trade. But I do understand the viewpoint of not accepting based on Ghost contract even though I think the upside of this trade favors Detroit.
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