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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Vladislav_Agaev</b></div><div>interim gm joe will say he want shark to compete next year. i think other big move coming in summer to help team be playoff. rebuild not possible for 2 reason:
1) contracts too many big.
2) attendance. shark dont have comfort like chicago, philly, boston, pitt, new york etc to spend years rebuild. friedman say sharks skittish about rebuild cause once you lose fan in sj hard to get back. attendance is already lowest since 2003 and time is limited. cant take year and year to get top picks. shark must compete to stay relevant or fan move to something else. this business too not just hockey
3) hertl biggest player since thornton and pavelski. lose hertl-lose another thousand tickets maybe more. bad for shark business.

i think deal fair with money. maybe a year too long but shark need hertl more than anyone. eklund also already big in sj. timo too. 48-38-88-28-65-72 all new core. cant lose that core or lose all revenue. Logan not big favorite in shark fan. he never live up to pavelski</div></div>

I'm just thinking as an option - trade him for some up and coming star. You don't even have to involve picks, just trade him for an exciting, young name you can market instead. And just in some sense stop digging your own grave 3 years down the line. I believe Hertl will be a net positive at this money, but you can never use him meaningfully.

If ticket sales are tanking I think thats even more reason to pull a stop to this madness. Where will tickets be in 3 years? or 5? if you can't handle that, you need to sell while there's still something left to sell.