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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>drewjenkins</b></div><div><strong>I agree 100% with everyone above.</strong>

<strong>2018-19</strong> | DAL | 57 games - 10 points = <strong>14</strong> point pace | Playoffs = <strong>00</strong> point pace
<strong>2019-20</strong> | COL | 65 games - 27 points = <strong>34</strong> point pace | Playoffs = <strong>16</strong> point pace
<strong>2020-21</strong> | COL | 55 games - 21 points = <strong>31</strong> point pace | Playoffs = <strong>24</strong> point pace
<strong>2021-22</strong> | COL | 62 games - 52 points = <strong>68</strong> point pace | Playoffs = <strong>62</strong> point pace

<strong>This is the literal definition of one good season (at least statistically).</strong>
And I agree that he's always been a solid forechecker and two-way player.
But none of his other seasons warrant anything near $6,100,000 x 8 years.
Without last season his offers would be about half the AAV and half the term.

<strong>Nichushkin is 100% capable of living up to this contract.</strong>
But saying it's not based on one season is complete blasphemy.
And saying it's not risky ignores his age + many outlier contract years.</div></div>

Please don't say "one strong year, at least statistically" as if there is one determining statistic for this. I would, of course, argue that point totals are a poor way of measuring not only impact, but more importantly for a guy like Val and his previous situation - potential impact. His ice-tilting numbers have always been among the best in the league; Colorado is just the first team to give him minutes and teammates to do that effectively and at a larger scale.

You could of course ask him to repeat this on a 2-year prove-it type deal or so, but then you're going to end up paying 8+ mil on a long-term cotnract when he successfully repeats the underlying numbers he's been pumping out for years. Nobody that tracks microstats or value any type of regression model is surprised at this development for Nichuskin.

The closest comparison in terms of this contract I believe is the one Marchand signed a few years back. Marchand is actually similar, cause he was played further down the lineup for seemingly no reason, and then exploded offensively when moved to the top line. I would say Nichuskin is better, less prone to suspension, and I beleive (cba checking) also slightly younger at the time of signing.

Oh and I'm a Bruins fan.