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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Db1899</b></div><div>The isles window is already closed, Im actually rooting for Kadri to fail. I could care less. With your logic about younger players the isles should have already gotten rid of Dobson, Wahlstrom, Barzal et .

Raty falling to 52 is irrelevant - and he's also not a boom or bust prospect, you cleary don't understand what that term means. If you want to talk truth, Raty's D+1 in liiga put him on a top 6 trajectory, put up similar numbers to Anton Lundell. In his draft year he had incredible underlying numbers for an 18 YO, but wasn't getting the proper ice time/PP time. I can tell you are triggered because you keep taking shots and bringing up things that do not matter.

The trade you proposed would immediately go down as the worst trade in isles history, and this is a team that traded Zdeno Chara.</div></div>

There is a lot of silliness here so let me reclarify.

Ive stated that I think NYI has ~2 more years where they can try to compete with not much downside to not doing so.

For the absurd homerism on Raty, let me instead say go to any credible top 100 prospects list and see if he is even on there at all. That should highlight how silly the valuation of him is. The reference to him falling to 52 is very valid because if you actually followed prospects you would know he was rated as a 1st round pick for quite some time before his draft year where he fell sharply. Although that aspect of the conversation is clearly well above the one that is happening here.

You ultimately can't see past your home town bias.

You're underrating just how many truly horrid NYI deals there have been in the past lol
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