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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bruinadian67</b></div><div>If you're looking for objectivity, you came to the wrong place lol! Schmidt had some good years (mostly in Vegas) and suffered a setback in the past year, much like DeBrusk. But Schmidt is older and on a suffering team so it's safe to say a change of scenery might do him good. Debrusk is younger with a greater chance of having a good bounce back year. So if you just traded those two, Vancouver wins that deal and has a greater chance of getting much more out of Jake than Boston would get out of Nate even with some salary retention. MacEwen is a big young body with not enough of a sample size in the NHL to make a solid judgement. I picture him on a teams 4th line with limited minutes unless he has a breakout year or gels with certain teammates whereas Clifton can maintain some consistency as a 3rd pairing defense partner. I could see Sweeney taking a chance on Schmidt but not for JD or CC. Maybe for a prospect and late pick with 1/3 retention.</div></div>

I don't know that I fully agree with your statement regarding DeBrusk having a greater chance at a bounce back year. I do think Jake is a better player than he was last year and I do think he will be better season next year, however Schmidt had more change than DeBrusk did last season. It can take time to adjust to new systems and especially playing behind a significantly worse group of players. I think there's a very strong chance Schmidt will have a better overall season than the one he had last year, he may not be a top pair D going forward but I fully expect him to be a solid top 4.

I agree with both your assessments of both MacEwen and from what I have heard/read about Cliffton (haven't seen him play much).

I appreciate the insightful and respectful discussion!