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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Wqrrior</b></div><div>I gotta give Hall credit for his hart trophy. That year was great. But people are clinging on to that performance too much... I guess as of now I agree that he is overrated... they're looking for a return to that performance. He's still close to a point per game though

I think you just have a thing against Markstrom in general lol. I think Demko is the overrated one of the two. Markstrom is developing nicely into a strong starting goalie. I don't think he's elite though.

Carlo is a weird one. He's kinda under the radar of non-bruins, but vastly overrated by the bruins fanbase. It could be that Bruins fans are trying to educate the other fanbases on what he is whilst doing it to an extreme.</div></div>

Mark is 30 - he is what he is, the development stage was 8 years ago. Owning a career 0.911Sv% and losing record overall, and LTIR (which usually increases w/ age).
Yet VAN fans on CF are gonna pay him US$5.5 to 7M w/ term - now that's overrated defined, 100%.

If Carlo, 2nd-round pick (passed twice by VAN) is top-4 on the B's, a PK specialist w/ Chara, and cored w/ Chara, McAvoy, Krug in the main pairs...then he's top-4 on each and every club in the NHL, including Vancouver...All the while w/ less than 300gms played; underrated bro.

EDIT - Hall has only 5-playoff games in a 10-yr career!!!
* That tells me that a boat-load of his points are in "garbage time" - i.e.: his squads have been out of the playoff chase and likely by US Thanksgiving way too much; his points are meaningless!