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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Alfie11</b></div><div>If you don't believe in climate change, or are even indifferent towards it and would prefer to just leave it alone, both of those options are unacceptable, and should be dealbreakers for any candidate. This transcends politics and if being against it is part of your platform you don't deserve to have any power. Regular politicians are bad enough, deliberately obtuse politicians have no place in government. If you don't know what you're talking about, listen to the experts, don't make up vague excuses and lies to protect your own interests, the existence of human-caused climate change isn't up for debate, all that should be debated is best practices for reducing emissions.

That's a pretty good rule of thumb in general: if you aren't an expert, try listening to the experts. This mainly applies to vaccines and climate change these days, if you do a little research literally every argument against either of these things falls apart. With the arguments some people are making, they probably shouldn't ever leave their house. After all, there's a chance they could get struck by lightning 🙄</div></div>

B. S.

Earth is <strong>4.6 Billion</strong>-Yrs old...and believe me climate-change (warming/cooling/freezing/glaciations happen. And they happen alot)!
150 to 200 yrs of humanoid "data" is a joke, but you know - sheep are herded easily and then so easily they get slaughtered!

Next up, is a climate APP (like the vaxx-passport). If you are a "durty" user of gas-oil-plastic, use incandescent's and not LEDs - flush after #1, ur computer usage too high or don't charge your Tesla at a trade-mark depot - you'll be tracked w/ your phone and penalized w/ Gov't sanctioned withdrawals from your BityCoin/Doggie-account.

Nuff said...now how bout that Cizikas deal huh - pretty crazy Lou you ol' coot!!!

Did ya see that Poulin goal EH!........top cheddar!!!!!!