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15 avr 2019
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GenXHockey</b></div><div>Matthews has been good. JT a bit unlucky. Marners effort is just abysmal.

If marner and Muzzin payed better and Keefe didn’t sabotage the top line with ritchie this team would be 5-1-1 possibly 7-0</div></div>

Your optimism is commendable. They just look like a defeated team. I mean Matthews was at the end of a shift, but that back check against Aho were Campbell made a terrific save was inexcusable.
You have an aging Tavares who no longer looks like a dominant C; Muzzin who is either dealing with an injury or worse wear/tear on his body is breaking him down; Holl( who couldn’t defend a 2 on 1 if is life depended on it); Marner who is a shell of his former self and can’t get out of his own head; a PP that is still terrible; still can’t start a game on time; a total lack of fight or team toughness; a coach who can’t get his players to buy in; a team that is right up against the salary cap and can’t even really make an in season trade; two big FA’s in Rielly and Campbell who one if not both could walk at the end of the year because they don’t have the cap space to resign them joining a very long list of other players who have walked and the Leafs have nothing to show for.

This looks like a team that has lost consecutive first rounds in the playoffs. Nothing has changed. They will probably will string together some wins, battle for one of the wild card spots. But I see a sinking ship. Hope I am wrong.

Jack Han also mentioned that they switched up there 1-1-3 setup from last year back to a 2-2-1. Not sure if that’s Dean Chynoweth’s decision but that’s been a huge problem for this team, defending the rush.

Rant over, it’s just a hard team to like.
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