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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LetsGoPens69</b></div><div>Take it from a pens fan, the only time u miss draft picks is around draft time..lol.

Teams that are in the SC hunt and competitive every year, don’t have prospect development as a top priority. Although it is important. But like u said, u only have a certain window to go for it.

Once it closes, the franchise just has to tank right. Trade off every asset on the team. And get 3-4 years of top 3-5 picks. The franchise is back.

U just can’t have a top 3 pick and then next season barley miss the play-off or have a .500 record and Draft in those 8-16 spots.

That’s where all the busts and mistakes are made. You want to stay out of there. It’s not a good place to be. Either in the play-offs, or tank, thats what fans should be hoping for now.

But yes, the Leafs have to go for it with Matthews. He has to get a Cup. He’s a superstar.

I did an ACGM where the Sens should trade Stuetzle, Pinto, the 10th overall pick and Murray’s contract for Eichel. They were all so pissed. Lol.

They do want to give up Stuetzle. IMO, Stuetzle isn’t Eichel. Eichel is another one of those elite guys, 80-90 point player. And not knocking Stuetzle, he’s great, just not one of those elite guys in my opinion.

But anyways, a true 1C would stop the Sens rebuild and have them as a contending this season, Tkachuk/Eichel/Batherson,
N.Paul/sign Cizikas/A.Watson.

Plus: Chabot/Zaitsev,

They still would have a ton of cap room too to sign a goalie and NHL depth. That team competes right now and for the next 5-8 years. You have to make that trade.

I think the Sens fans are so enamored with their prospects and the draft. That they like the draft process and prospects more than winning and winning a SC.

You can’t fall in love with draft picks and prospects when u have a play-off team and a window. You have to go all-in. And worry about the rest as it comes.</div></div>

No one's concerned about the future if you're winning in the present.

As a Leaf fan, I know all about the uselessness of being middle of the pack. So many years of not committing to a real tear it down and suffer rebuild....just keep on barely making or barely not making the playoffs. Just drifting in nothingness when you do that.

I really like Stutzle too and the Sens do at least have the benefit of being nowhere close to the end of their window, so they don't have to do anything rash. But you're right, Eichel is a different level and players like that don't come available all that often...provided he's back to full health. I know all too much about disc issues too. Not fun at all...and you may never be quite the same again.