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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>FunMustBeAlways</b></div><div>Is it really not? Cause this is basically the mindset that lead to Bradley Aldrich sexually abusing college students and vulnerable high-schoolers.

True but you can’t tell me someone who intentionally spread unsolicited nudes didn’t have malicious intent. We’re not talking about accidentally rear-ending someone while driving we’re talking about sex crimes here.

I can deal with “character issues” but when you do as many terrible things as Kane allegedly has over the years, at some point you need to draw the line. He’s been given chance after chance after chance, but ultimately decided to do bad stuff anyway. I’m done with him too.</div></div>

Let me tell you, the greatest criminals never live in jails. So if you're going to ban a kid for his bad deed, you're not going to ban the evil of his heart. So ban the evil of his heart, not the kid. You yourself have no power to change but yourself alone, so judge yourself alone, not others. Let that be your judgment. The kid got what he deserved, for he unveiled the bad deed of the girl, his own bad deed got unveiled before the world, and now he's the recipient of your curses, and the world is going to know him as evil. Trust me, that is a fate far worse than being put into jail. So if he doesn't change himself after all this, then be he gone into hell, but if he changes himself, then he should remain proud.

Kane is a fool, he ruined his own life, but we shouldn't cut off his only route towards salvation, or else what is the difference between us and him.
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