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27 aoû 2018
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9 nov 1996
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Diehard Bruins-Fan, but I try to be objective.

Favorite Player: Patrice Bergeron #37
Forum: Armchair-GM23 avr 2019 à 17 h 53
Sujet: Offseason
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ON3M4N</b></div><div>Don't give a crap what someone does in the KHL. Kovy was over a P/GP player in the KHL as well...he didn't have a great year when he came back.

Here's another reason I don't put much into KHL number.

Nigel Dawes ranks 2nd in the KHL in points, yet in the NHL he was bounced between the AHL and NHL for 5-6 years

Grigorenko ranks 10th in KHL scoring (just shy of a p/gp player) and he was awful in the NHL.

How about Shipachyov, who is 3rd in scoring. He came over, played 3 games and left. Vegas even let him and his agent talk to teams about a trade and no one wanted him.

And yea the kid is a scratch ticket because you have no idea what your going to get from him. Could be a loser or could hit the jackpot.</div></div>

Well I give you the credit for doing some research and bringing up examples!

To be fair, Kovalchuk is 35 years old and on a bad team, plus has the league become very fast. Too fast for Kovalchuk!
Dawes and Shipachyov are over 30 as well, and in a slower league on a good team they perform very well. For Grigorenko it didn't work out in North America, fair enough!

But Gusev is 26 years old! Give him some time and he will adjust, my opinion! Of course I don't know anything about his personal stuff... Is he "ready" to leave Russia? Language issues? Cultural differences?

Offtopic-sentence: I'm a European as well, I speak 4 languages... Some of the North American hockey players that come here have cultural/language issues as well and don't perform sufficient. However, most of us Europeans speak more than ONE language, not sure if Americans are that silver-tongued....
Forum: Armchair-GM23 avr 2019 à 16 h 35
Sujet: Offseason
Forum: Armchair-GM23 avr 2019 à 15 h 12
Sujet: Offseason
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ON3M4N</b></div><div>A lot of his inconsistency is because Boston uses him with so many different linemates. He's played on every single line this year and had at least over a dozen different linemates. Gusev is a massive unknown who could be anything from HOFer to couldn't make it. With Heinen you know at worst you have a 40pt winger that plays a smart 200ft game and again that's at worst. Kids only 23yrs old and still developing.

Heinen at age 22/23 - 154 GP / 81 Pts
Marchy at age 22/23 - 153 GP / 96 Pts

Is Heinen going to be Marchand? probably not, but it just goes to show that players that young are not even close to being fully developed into the player they'll become.</div></div>

I get your point of view and I don't say your wrong... Your'e probably right. The thing is: Bergeron is 33 years old, I say the window for Boston is closing in 1-2 years... The Bruins need to take some risks! There are 5/6 perfect top 6 players in Boston, one part is missing, the 2nd line RW.
I say if Vegas accepts this offer, take it and run as far as you can! What are the other options?
-Sign Panarin for ~10M
-Simmonds, Ferland? No thank you
-Eberle? I like him but he probably asks for ~6M?!
-Trading for someone else... Whom? To which price?

I say there are other options than Gusev, but I have the feeling he could be the best one... Vegas resigned Tuch, Stone, Pacioretty, Schmidt and has to resign W. Karlsson, too... Maybe they want him to leave...