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Forum: Armchair-GMFri at 2:50 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Toddyd77</b></div><div>Stecther is averaging 15min a night he is not a pair defesnseman. That is on par with a 5/6 dman which is what he would be here.
Beagle is useless as a 3rd line center. Yeah he is physical and good faceoff guy but there is no offensive ability to him whatsoever and he is injury prone. With a contract for 2 more after this one no thanks.
Motte is a spare parts depth player. not bad but we have plenty of forwards like him. Wouldn't be bad for WBS though.
Basically a bunch of spare parts for Schultz and 1st and 2nd rounder is ridiculously slanted to VAN.

Bjugstad has no value right now and won't get moved till off season. Hopefully he can come back and look halfway decent so it easier to move him.</div></div>

Now is the time to move bjugstad with the trade market having all these overpayments. Stecher is always played liked that every season till they realize they need him. They've already increased his minutes recently at 17 on average playing him with Edler. Stecher is faster than Tanev and definetly Myers and he's better than Myers defensively, it's tanev, you'd have a tough time with, trying to convince canucks fans stechers better than him but he is and he's younger. Beagle being more defensive than offensive doesn't make him bad. One of our best line combinations this year has been Reese, bleuger and Tanev for their defense not offense. And motte is better defensively than the comparables I gave and he's really fast. But his offense isn't as good but he always plays 3rd or 4th line minutes so who knows. I think he could do really great with Crosby or Malkin offensively like Rust, Simon, or McCann.
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