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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LetsGoPens69</b></div><div>U forget McCann(24 years old) Marino(22), Pettersson(24), Kapanen(24), Lafferty(24), Zohorna(24), Angello(24), OConnor(23) all NHL experience on a play-off team already. Tristan Jarry just turned 25.

U want to say Guentzel(26), Blueger(26), ZAR(26), Matheson(25), Friedman(25), Riikola(26) too.</div></div>

DeBrincat is better than Guentzel. DeBrincat had a 30 goal and a 40 goal season at 20 and 21 meanwhile Guentzel didnt even make it into the NHL until he was 23...
Guentzel at 23 playing with Sid 48pts in 82GP. DeBrincat at 23 PPG winger with 30 goals in a 56 game season (and only 52GP) and of their 4 seasons overlapping eachother DeBrincat has been the better player 3 out of 4 with the only exception being 2020 and considering one player is 26 and the other was 22 the edge goes to the 22 yearold every day of the week.

The fact that you even list guys who are 26 and up is hilarious. May as well just go all out on being dumb and list Crosby as a young guy.

A vast majority of those players arent even good. Friedman has like 10 GP over the last 5 years, Riikola is a 7th Dmen, Matheson (A guy so bad Pit fans were rioting on this board for trading for him), and then a bunch of nobodies like these guys Lafferty(24), Zohorna(24), Angello(24), OConnor(23) ???

Debrincat, Strome, Suter, Kubalik, Lankinen, Boqvist, Dach, Reichel, Kurashev, Beaudin, Hagel, Barratt, Teply, Altybarmakyan, Kayumov, Comesso, Borgstrom is miles better than any young group Pit has had for the last 5+ years let alone right now. The players I listed are good enough to make their national teams for the worlds meanwhile youre out here throwing out a bunch of career AHL'ers like Friedman, Angello, and 26 yearold Sam Lafferty as if they are relevant and promising guys :tearsofjoy :tearsofjoy :tearsofjoy
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