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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jr400</b></div><div>I suppose if you look at it that way it doesn’t seem so bad, especially when you compare it with the contract Holl got in Detroit, but Klingberg is not what they needed. He’s a good offensive defenseman who struggles defensively. The Leafs probably could benefit from more offence from the defence, but they had an offensive defenseman who only played when Rielly was injured (Timmins), and they acquired a better offensive defenseman at the deadline last season who almost never dressed (Gustafsson). Klingberg is probably an upgrade over Gustafsson, but he cost them $3.3M more in cap hit than Gustafsson signed for in New York. I think they could have found a better use for that cap hit.

I like the way Dubas retooled the defence last season, so I feel like what they really needed was a replacement for Schenn, because the rest of what I saw as the top 6 are back (Rielly, McCabe, Liljegren, Brodie and Giordano), with Timmins as the 7th man, assuming Muzzin doesn’t come back. Maybe there are more moves to come which will make this one make more sense, but the thing I like most about it now is it’s only one year.</div></div>

II can't disagree with any of that.
Timmins definitely seems like the bargain version of Klingberg.
I guess they figure three things:
1) Klingberg will thrive feeding the puck to this offence
2) Klingberg can play a top 4 role on a team. He can eat big minutes. Timmins hasn't proven that.
3) Klingberg can play better D in Toronto's systems.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Newtown</b></div><div>The problem I have with this is that Dubas was handed the core of Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Tavares, and Reilly. He has not added anything to that core but has subtracted Kadri. He had Anderson as a goalie and downgraded in net. He has traded multiple first round picks to get out of bad deals and for rentals. Those picks could have been used to add core players.

He’s. kid that was gifted the keys to a Ferrari and is learning on the job. He should have added to the core by now but has not. He lost on contracts to Matthews, Marner and Nylander which has handcuffed the organization and caused the loss of players like Hyman. Lucky kid to be handed a core that has matured and cn compete with the best the NHL has to offer.</div></div>

Thats one perspective.
Here's another:

- He worked diligently to keep the core together despite tons of pressure to trade them one of them.
- Marner/Matthews/Nylander are all now underpaid relative to their current performance
- He moved Kadri because of disciplinary issues and he was the 3rd line C at the time. We didn't need a 4.5m dollar 3C with disciplinary issues.
- Andersen wasn't delivering. I'd argue Samsonov &amp; Woll is a better goalie situation especially considering cost.
- Bunting was a HUGE pick up
- Drafted really well with late picks
- Gio, Mccabe, ROR, Acciari, Schenn all great adds.
- Every move that was neutral or negative could be rationalized with sound logic.