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That Edmonton trade... Yeesh. Maybe, if training camp performances justify it, trading Foegele for late 2nd or a 3rd round draft pick makes sense. But:

Hoffman = left-handed, one-dimensional forward. Finished last season with 35 pts and -24. Will be 5-years past his prime come November 24, and is quite obviously in decline.

Barrie = offensive RHD, with near-elite power play driving ability. Finished last season at 41 pts and +3. Celebrated his 31st birthday on July 26, and is currently about 2 years past the age considered prime for NHL defensemen. Despite reduced playing time, his production has remained consistent with his career averages. That suggests he is not yet in decline.

The Oilers have a plethora of LH forwards, their top 6 forwards are very strong and the team has been among the NHL's most offensively productive. Hoffman doesn't kill penalties or take face-offs, and he would not be part of the 1PP. He offers Edmonton nothing they don't already have, and nothing that they might still need. Tyson Barrie happens to be a RHD, a highly valued commodity in today's NHL. Pair him with a defensively sound partner and his team will own shot shares and outscore the opposition while he is on the ice. Don't believe me, well then take a look at the numbers Barrie put up while paired with Kulak in a waning days of last season and through Edmonton's playoff run.

Adding the 2024 58-64 overall draft pick is probably a bit rich for Warren Foegele, but no so rich that it makes up the difference between Mike Hoffman and Tyson Barrie. No, I see no logic to support Hoffman for Barrie.
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