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Sujet: habs trade
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JTBF81</b></div><div>Myself and several real Tampa fans have already posted several lineups that work where they keep all 3. Those of us that really know Tampa and how they get things done have heard the same thing for several years and at this point it means little. Glad though that you just know there won't be a cbo and that Tampa supposedly has no leverage and will just have to trade players for scraps or lose them. We've heard about losing Point last year, Stamkos when he was surely gone for $ as a UFA and with trading Miller last year. Tampa will more than likely keep the rfa's since staying with Tampa for a little less $ is favorable to playing for a weak team with higher taxes. Tampa has also convinced players to waive NTC's before, not saying it's easy, but still more likely than Brisebois trading one of Serg or Cirelli.

Tampa doesn't have "cap dumps" as neither Johnson nor Gourde have terrible contracts and thus don't require additions to move. Even with the drop in production this year mainly due to loss of ice time and playing on a line with rookies or on a more defensive checking line, Gourde still has averaged almost .6 ppg for his career and is an asset defensively. He may be slightly overpaid but not by much if anything. Johnson st 5 million is also not a cap dump, a player that averages over .6 ppg and had 29 goals last year is far from some throw away trade piece. He can still play C as well and there are teams that will be interested if he becomes available. You and so many others can continue to push your narrative that as all the GMs ofvthe league as re out to get to Tampa and that any notion of cbo/cap relief/ntc waiving is impossible, but again those of us that really know and follow Tampa will stick with many examples of how Tsmpa keeps things moving and doesn't ever seem to lose their key rfa's. Guess we'll see how this off season turns out.</div></div>

It will be an exciting one for sure!!! and if Brisebois manages to keep all 3, I'll build him a church ahhaha. You are right, like another commenter mentioned, cap dump is not the right word. These players do have some value on its own. and I admit my knowledge of some of the players might be lacking (I didn't consider defensive abilities of a player in my value evaluation).

I guess, it will all depend on your RFA's willingness to take less money and your NTC and NMC to waive.
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Sujet: habs trade
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ColonelX</b></div><div>Both of you need to get closer to the middle. The offer isn't "garbage" but I wouldn't call Gourde a "dump" either, maybe a cap relief could be a better choice of words? Let's split this deal into pieces, shall we.
-Tampa getting a top pairing defenseman for one year at under 4M$ is a ridiculously good thing.
-Ylönen quietly had an excellent season with a mediocre team in Liiga (Played with the equivalence of fourth liners all year) and Hillis is made in the same mold as Suzuki (This kid's legit the biggest sleeper in our prospect pool), I wouldn't like to trade either of those away.
-High seconds can fetch you guys like Debrincat, Romanov or Aho so don't underestimate the pick.
-Sergachev's value is all over the place on this website, some think they can get McDavid and other offers scrubs for him and 25M$ dumps. Personally I wouldn't offer more (Or something slightly over) his offersheet value, something like a 1st with prospects or whatever.
- Gourde's offense has been on a downward trend for two straight years now, is it worrying? Yes it should be, especially with 6 years left at 5.2M$ (With a no trade clause on top of it). A bottom six winger shouldn't be your fifth cap hit forward if he isn't producing like he did a couple years back so get your head out of your a**, yes he's got some negative value especially with the cap taking a hit this year.</div></div>

true, cap relief is a better word in this case.
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Sujet: habs trade
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JTBF81</b></div><div>Serg won't be traded or accept an OS. Neither Serg nor Cirelli are interested in leaving a top contender. Tampa will either bridge them both between 4 and 5, or bridge one and sign the other long term. Sure, maybe they have to trade Cernak in the latter scenario, but Serg and Cirelli are far more important to the future. Tampa won't be having to attach huge sweeteners to Gourde or Johnson either, if one waives, as neither has negative value. If there's a cbo, Tampa is more than fine in keeping all 3 main rfas and even if there's not, getting a player to waive is far from impossible. Tampa will likely roll a 21 or 22 player roster to start and the main losses will be Killorn, likely Gourde(but possibly Johnson),.Paquette and possibly Coburn. These players already have good replacements in the lineup thanks to the Coleman and Goodrow deals plus the multiple number of young guys ready for a middle to bottom 6 role here or in Syracuse(Stephens, Verhaeghe, Volkov, Barre-Boulet, Joseph etc). Worst case they trade Cernak if the $ simply isn't there but neither Serg nor Cirelli are wearing another team's sweater next season.</div></div>

there won't be a CBO bud, and even if you bridge... you will still be in deep cap trouble because starting your off-season... you have 8 roster spot to fill... with 6M. and those Syracuse players aren't free Stephens, Verhaeghe, Volkov, Barre-Boulet, Joseph ... that's at least 4.5M right there, leaving you with 1.7M to sign Serg, Cernak or Cirelli.

because for the same reasons you think Serg, Cernak or Cirelli won't sign an OS or be traded, your "Cap dumps" won't waive their NTC or NMC. why would they? you live in tampa, with lower tax, on a competitive team. And another question... WHY would a team want to help Tampa? they have no reason to. Like vultures they will come and pick at the bones. Tampa has got no leverage... it's that or an O.S they can't match... and if they do... then another will come along.