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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>I think people read to much into this.
The penguins aren't looking for a long term LW.
Jakes natural position is LW, he plays better there.
They know McCann is a top 6 LW.

Kahun is their 3rd line LW option.

Long term they are set at LW.
They need a natural RW. Zucker isn't that. If they make a move I expect it to be a RW which really is the weaker side. They got Rust and Tanev over there and then a bunch of not much.
That can't be the case moving forward.
Hornqvist is a good player but he's too slow to keep up. And Simon simply is not a top line player. He doesn't have the shot to be.

So why everyone wants to ride on this, I don't see it happening.
Maybe Dadonov or Hoffman if FL is out, or Toffoli I could see.
Or to really surprise people possibly Anderson from CBJ.
I know that name might surprise people but they got Atkinson, Bjorkstrand and Bemström, in their top 9 on the RW right now. All are guys with more skill. On top of it they got a guy in Kirill Marchenko who is looking like a top 6 potential guy waiting to enter the system. For a team that made the conscious decision to rebuild after realizing how slow they were on the ice. The team isn't really what it use to be in a heavy hitting bully team. It's turned more into a speed skill team.
But the penguins could use a power forward like Anderson. Who could potentially fit their top 6. And if his role is getting squeezed out in CBJ I could see them making the move to help them for a pick and or prospect.</div></div>

I think a lot of people prefer to see McCann as the long term 3c if you get rid of Bjugstad
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