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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tkecanuck341</b></div><div>Quotes out of training camp all but confirm that Kopitar and Arvidsson are going to start the season together. The plan is to start Brown on the first line, but Iafallo could earn himself a call up.

Line 1: Arvidsson-Kopitar-Brown

Danault is going to start at 2C. He might get shifted down to 3C once Byfield makes his way into the NHL (not this season). Iafallo will play on his wing. Reports out of training camp are that Tkachev looks to be the best player on the ice. He'll likely get a top six spot as well

Line 2: Tkachev-Danault-Iafallo

Vilardi will probably start the year at 3C, but I expect him to eventually be shifted to RW. With the addition of Danault and the eventual promotion of Byfield to 1C or 2C, there's no room for Vilardi at center.

Line 3: Kempe-Vilardi-Athanasiou

The 4th line is where we expect to see some competition. JAD is the only kid penciled for the AHL that might earn himself a spot on the roster. If not, Lizotte will get 4C duties. The Kings are high on Lias Andersson, but have moved him to the LW. We won't see him at center again.

Line 4: Andersson-Lizotte-Moore

Extras: Frk, Grundstrom, Wagner, Lemieux (Two of these guys will be traded or hit waivers. Three if JAD makes the team.)

Defensive pairings look fine. However, Neither Maatta or Wolanin are going to be on the team out of camp. I expect Clague to get that spot, if only because he's less likely to clear waivers than Maatta.</div></div>

I saw the Kings v Kings game and wasn’t that impressed with Tkachev. He doesn’t seem to stand out as much as others. Maybe I just missed it. That said, I thought Frk, Wagner, and Lizotte looked improved. It’s going to be a tough call to waive them.
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