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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>wabit</b></div><div>He muffed a puck last game, but his hands are decent overall. Kap/Zucc and Boldy lines have both been better with Steel than without.

1 skill play a game, no more, no less Freddy G. Dewar has no o-zone skills except but decent speed, decent PKer. Hartman has a shot, but can't pass to save his life, and does stupid things. This is just picking the least bad of the bunch, and this year it's Steel. Steel needs to shoot more instead of trying to make that extra pass (a la Granny).

Any skill that is added to Boldy's line is immediately subtracted by adding the blackhole that is Rossi.

Boldy needs to be put with Greenway and JEE. There are a lot of wide open nets for Boldy to shank his shots on, rather than Foligno shanking his shots or not being a step too slow to get to the puck. The coach is too stubborn headed to try out different line combos when things aren't working.</div></div>

I’ve watched every game this season, some games twice…and every single game I notice how crappy Steel’s hands are! He can’t catch a pass that’s not perfect (can’t catch some perfect ones either), can’t stick handle in traffic to save his life, and is a horribly inaccurate passer! He is not an NHL player!

I hope you are wrong about Rossi! Time will tell…

I agree with most of your thoughts though…

I also believe that if Zuccarello didn’t share part of his brain with Kaprizov…he would be a very low end 2nd line wing! He is putrid in so many areas of the game!
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>wabit</b></div><div>I don't understand what you're doing here. Why make the team worse (lateral moves at best) and then add rentals? This turns into a 2nd+Beckmen+Greenway+Dumba for a 3rd to stay a fringe Playoff team.

You just sabotaged the Boldy line by putting Rossi on it. The team's 2nd best center is in the pressbox. The Dewys are nice cheap 11/12 FWDs but shouldn't be any higher than that in the lineup.

It's still a team with 3 Top-6 FWDs (JEE, Kap, Zucc), 2 middle-6 FWDs (Boldy, Kuz), and the rest players that belong on the 4th line (with the ability to play up) of a quality team at best. The d-corps is junk with 4 bottom pair quality players. Middleton/Spurgeon can't/doesn't play big 5v5 minutes, even with Brodin or Dumba out Goli has gone for the pressbox to playing more 5v5 minutes than they do.</div></div>

I disagree with almost everything here. Plus, if Steel is the 2nd best center on the team, what can you possibly lose by pulling Rossi up? I’m creeping up on 55 and my hands are probably still better than Steel’s! He’s horrible! 90% of the time he gets the puck, nothing happens…except bad stuff.
Greenway sucks! He needs to go for anything or nothing!
Rossi should get another look this year, especially with players with skill…not the bs minutes dipsh!t Evason gave him!

I would do everything here except pairing Addison with Brodin. I would pair Brodin with Schenn and give Brodin a longer leash for the first time in his career! I would also swap Gaudreau with Dewar to give that line a chance to offer some auxiliary scoring.
IMHO, this team is MUCH better and more balanced than the current team Evason has no idea what to do with!
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