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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JTBF81</b></div><div>Tampa isn't moving Cirelli for a scratch ticket or a prospect that won't be ready next year. If Tampa looks to trade him at all, which I doubt, they will need a return that really impresses them. Donato, Khovanov and a mid late to late '21 1st? No thanks. If either Dumba retained (with a 3rd team involved maybe), or EK+maybe a pick/prospect for Cirelli is in play, then I could see Tampa interested. If it's just 3rd/4th line guys plus picks/prospects, it doesn't interest Tampa, who whether they win the Cup this year or not, will still be looking to win now and not give up their rising 2C who will be a key part for years to come.</div></div>

Im going to comment on this first, then give my opinion about the rest...

Everything above makes perfect sense...except for the fact that Tampa has almost zero leverage. They are incredibly cap-strapped, have 3 VERY important players to prioritize and negotiate with, and will absolutely have to take the best offer available for whichever player they: get the best return for, and/or deem the most expendable. There have to be at least 100 variables involved here. Add to this the fact that GMs aren’t going to be lining up to help the probable Cup winners with their roster issues...especially with their built in cap advantage because of the tax break they can negotiate with... AND the potential of a GM or two having the seeds to OS any or all of the 3 (Cirelli, Sergachev, Cernak).
Tampa has a Cup ready team, a tax break, and other teams competing against each other as leverage, that’s it.