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14 mai 2015
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Wild du Minnesota
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Full-time outdoorsman/part-time GM for the Minnesota Wild.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>wabit</b></div><div>They'll be the 4th team even with this putrid roster. SJS, LA, ANA, and AZ are in the same or worse condition.

Long term health isn't giving up on 24 yo RFA that haven't even played 150 games. You do what Fenton did: sell them as 27 yo with 300+ games when you know what they are as players and know they aren't core players. Long term health isn't having 4-5 FWD spots open up and maybe 2 prospects to fill them. Long term health isn't giving $6m+ contracts to 30+ players like Zucc and Spurgeon. Long term health isn't giving all the old guys prime playing time when they don't deserve it anymore. This is just bad roster building from top to bottom. Add in a clueless coach and "this is your Minnesota Wild, Wild, Wild"

Staal doesn't suck. Watch any game this year and the guys (outside of JEE) playing center suck. Warm body Koivu is an upgrade to them; which is sad to say.

PIT, STL, WSH, LA, TB, and CHI all won Cups with Dontoa/Kunin quality players on their roster. Vegas' entire team is Dontao/Kunin type of players. All these teams had elite talent players. MN has had the depth, but not the elite talent players. Now they have Fiala/Kaprizov that could be in the group of elite talent players, but no depth to make the team work (EDM, BUF).</div></div>

Most of what you said here is the pastor preaching to the choir. We agree on most things concerning the Wild, but...Staal does suck! I would have helped him pack his bags! Kunin and Donato are easily replaced and I completely expect Khusnutdinov to be a far superior player than Kunin could ever dream of being...not that that would take much...

All the players acquired for the departing worthlessness are nothing more than yo fill a roster for the purpose of tanking. Unfortunately, as you pointed out, the CA teams and AZ might be do bad the Wild can’t even tank the season properly... We all need to evaluate these moves in 3-5 years and see what the draft picks turn into. This season was s a wasted season anyway...
I am all for any strategy that might possibly get the Wild elite talent because I am sick and tired of 20 years of a predictably crappy team!
Whew! I feel better now.