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28 avr 2020
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Maple Leafs de Toronto
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Torontoleafs15</b></div><div>Ahh. I see your new. Welcome to cap friendly. Let me help you
1.Were not trading William
2. Hall and Pietrangelo will cost a lot more
3. We want a 22 man roster.
4. To much money for Mikheyev</div></div>

I honestly don’t feel like it’s too much money for Mikheyev. I think he has very solid potential and he also has a good agent who will push a hard bargain. See the other contract negotiations he’s been involved in.

2. I think Pietrangelo will take a bit of a pay cut to come back and play in Toronto. He has ties here no doubt. Agreed that he probably should get a little more money though however and a longer contract looking back on it. If the salary cap goes closer to the height of the expected raise it could still be possible.

3. I think looking at a team without William Nylander is a possibility. I think his defensive game is extremely sub par and his contract is extreme. (I feel the same about Marners contract but we’re stuck with that). Basically I feel that would could upgrading defensively as a forward unit and still maintain great scoring threat. Plus the upside is clearing cap space and acquiring hopefully some good first rounders for the future.

4. 22 Man roster would definitely be ideal, I agree.

5. Thoughts on my Johnsson trade? I think he’s worth a third to free up some cap space.. plus Edmonton is looking for a winger and we could hopefully get a solid d prospect like cairns out of it.

6. I feel like Halls contract will not be as extreme as everyone thinks based on his play this past season. I think it really hurt his value in the market. He busted on 2 teams... however I guess yes probably a little higher.