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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dopplsan</b></div><div>He can still be loaned out to the Czech league. NHL has an agreement with them, I believe. It's likely that or the AHL for him.

I liked the forward lines until I got to the 4th line. Send the Russians to Cleveland if they're only going to play 4th line minutes in the NHL - put Robinson and Danforth in their spots. Robinson in particular plays a great two-way game and shouldn't be a scratch, and he-Kuraly-Danforth/Texier were our best line last year. Not to mention, if you have almost $4M sitting on the bench between he and Bean, considering what we had to do to clear cap (RIP Bjorky), I'd be pretty livid as a fan.

I really wouldn't say Peeke played "well" last year on the top-line - he survived, and kind of turned into the best of a bunch of bad options. It's a role that is too much for him right now. Gavvy played very well last season, considering our D, on the whole, was awful; though, pairing him and Gudbranson could be an interesting experiment. I'm a fan of giving Blankey more playing time, I know the team and front office are very high on him, but I wouldn't thrust him into middle-pairing minutes just yet; but, I would love to be proven wrong.

Suffice to say, our D is a mess that is going to take a lot of figuring out. IMO, outside of Z and Gavvy as our 1-2 LD, every spot should be open.</div></div>

My intent for the russians being on the "4th" was that it would be more of a 3a/3b situation in terms of ice time. In this scenario the expectation is that we have 4 scoring lines. I think having 4 million on the bench shouldnt be a factor in putting the lines together as I truly believe Jarmo got the best of what the market was offering to us. Lastly, I disagree that Gavrikov played very well but it seems like im one of very few people that believe that haha. I hope he proves me wrong this season as he seems to be an awesome locker room guy
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ajp_18</b></div><div>Forwards - they seem fine, but I can’t see Chinakov and Marchenko playing 4th line minutes all season, it would almost be better to play them 1st line in the AHL and letting players like Gaunce, Danforth, Robinson and Oliver play 4th line in the NHL and if a top 9 player gets hurt they get called up.

Defence - oh boy. Hot take on Gavrikov when the stats don’t stand up to it. Gavrikov is arguably the best defensive defenseman Columbus has. Blankenburg played 7 games, he was good, but not a top 4 RHD.

Blankenburg as the 7th D.

Just my thoughts on the lines this season.</div></div>

I think in the scenario in which Chinakhov and Marchenko play on the "4th line" it would be more of a 3a 3b scenario in terms of ice time. But i agree that it is more likely that some of the guys you mentioned will be on the fourth line this season. I respectfully disagree on your comment about Blankenburg not being a top 4 defenseman. Although he only played a few games last season his positioning was that of a veterans in my opinion and his stick was sensational. His size is a bit worrisome but he didnt seem to have any problem taking on bigger players last season. As far as my Gavrikov comment goes, I knew that would ruffle some feathers as he is a fan favorite. I dont like to buy into stats specifically the WAR stats but I also dont know too much about them. My assessment of Gavrikov was solely based off of watching his game last season and the thing that stood out most to me was his positioning which wasnt great. Lastly, I am still a bit skeptical that Bean will be playing next season due to his potential involvement in the Hockey Canada scandal but even if he does play I still think Blankenburg is the better player. Thanks for sharing your opinions! I love having friendly debates especially involving my hometown team.
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