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17 févr. 2020
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>I am certain that the Islanders were dancing in the street when Buffalo made that trade without asking for compensation.
Why not offer David Krejci or Tuukka Rask $8,000,000 for one year?
Krejci could actually play hockey and help the team.
Then at the TDL, I am sure a host of teams would want him for a play off push.
Please work really hard to convince me he would not sign for that contract for one year.
Adams waited a half a year to bring back Tuch (I really do like him), Krebs (who has really good AHL resume, not so much NHL), what could be a late first and swapping 2nd and third round picks which cold be just 10 rounds apart.
That my friend is called an underwhelming return.
Adams has been nothing but disappointing and has been taken to the cleaners in nearly every trade except the Ristolainen and Butcher.
I never thought Hagg could play as well as he is and only Dahlin has a higher TOI/GM than Butcher.
Well that is my rant, he is a novice and the other GM's are taking advantage.</div></div>

There’s 0 guarantee that Krejci would leave his homeland to come play for Buffalo for any amount of money. Sorry to burst your bubble. If you have an issue it’s Pegula wanting to spend the least amount possible. 500K in actual dollars vs 8M to a washed Krejci, but he can still play on the 3rd line. Still gotta think of the economics of it. I said absolutely nothing about the return of the Eichel trade, only the boychuk one.
Forum: Armchair-GM5 nov. à 18 h 27
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>Let's set aside who is better than who.
Romanov is a LHD Jokiharju is a RHD. If the Sabres made this trade, they would need to play a LHD on his off side.
Drouin is LH Tuch is RW, Buffalo's does not have a RH RW to replace Tuch.
Let me add, Tuch is a Sabre fan and one may say this is his dream come true, he is not going to be traded and certainly not to a team that the Sabres will be facing multiple times in one season.
Buffalo needs Tuch and Jokiharju more than they need Drouin and Romanov.
Armia and the third would not be sufficient to convince them to move players that they need.
Opps, I forgot, Kevyn Adams is their GM, he would probably add first to Buffalo's side.
Let's face it that was an underwhelming offer for Jack and to take on Boychuk's salary for nothing is down right stupid.
We will not retain on Jack but we will help the Islanders make a trade at the TDL, with out receiving any compensation.
I am certain he could have signed any number of players to reach the floor.</div></div>

Not really in boychuk. Right now mitts and Joki count against the cap, but not number of players rostered. Max is 23. When one comes back, they would have to send one down, putting them under the cap, and thus penalized (it might need to be both, I’m not exactly certain, but either way the clock is ticking. Boychuk is owed less then 500K and accomplishes getting Buf over the cap and yes helps out NYI for this year. You could argue that getting Bouchuk actually gave them flexibility to make more roster moves as well. It was helping both teams out. If you wanna say he ahoulda got a 6th/7th fine. Really isn’t that big of a deal.
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