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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GiggywithGibby</b></div><div>I don't see Benoit as a problem if he is a 7thD that we use for games that we know are going to get physical or when we are concerned we might get caved in by opposing offenses. He is leading the team in hits, 2nd in blocked shots behind only Kulikov, and has a positive points share on defense. Utilized properly, on a cheap deal, he's fine.

As for Dumba, who do we have in our system who would supplant him inside of 5 years? Helleson is bottom 4 material, Strand is just a depth guy, Axel can't stay healthy in the AHL, and probably isn't kept around. Assuming NCAA guys need 2 years of AHL experience before they're ready, Moore is 3-4 years out, as are Nickl and Francis, and that's assuming they don't wash out or turn free agent on us. That gets us down to warren and Thrun, who are likely 4 years out or more. There's the end of Dumbas deal. Add to that, Zegras is already 21, Terry is 25, McTavish is going to enter his prime soon. We need to get some defense back there to start letting the kids open up the taps. I don't think Dumba is willing to sign a 2 year deal, I think it takes 4-6 to get him.

As to Dostal, I know he is ready, but we have no succession plan in place for the AHL, I'd like to leave him as the starter there another year to get a clearer picture of who takes his place in San Diego. A bad AHL team could start costing us development time/trajectories, and he still is waivers exempt for another season or two.</div></div>

Good points. I agree with the right handed defensemen portion, however I just get bad vibes with Dumba. I don’t necessarily think he’d be bad at all, but it really gives me 2019 Kevin Shattenkirk vibes. But I could be wrong.

I do disagree with Dostal though. I think Calle Clang or Gage Alexander could easily take over Dostal’s position in San Diego. Eriksson Ek isn’t that bad either. But if we did keep Dostal in SD I’d rather just pull a move similar what we did with Ryan Miller. One year vet who is just looking for a new home kinda deal. I think Stolarz is likely done with the org by the deadline. Again, could be wrong though who knows what Verbeek wants
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