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Forum: Armchair-GM23 sep 2020 à 7 h 46
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>Well, let's go through a few basic definitions of what a top-pairing defenceman would look like then, shall we?

-Ekblad ranks 31st among all defencemen that logged over 1000min at 5v5 TOI. There are 62 top-pairing defenders per team (2 on the pair, 31 teams, are you following?). By this metric, he's established himself as a top-pairing defender. Neat

-Ekblad ranks 3rd among all defencemen &gt;1000min in 5v5 points and is 4th in Points/60. Considering ranking among the top-62 is the "loose" definition, Ekblad is substantially one of the premier defenders by point production.

-Ekblad ranks 11th in CF%, 9th in FF%, 12th in SF%, and 13th in GF% among all defenders with &gt;1000min at 5v5. Ekblad is clearly in the upper echelon of defencemen in terms of even-strength shot and scoring rates.

Relative to the <em>league</em>, Ekblad is consistently one of the top defenceman in effectively any even-strength possession metric. The kid is an animal. He's so underrated because he's stuck on a Florida team that sees no coverage. Should he have been a #1 pick in his draft year? Probably not, but picking him outside of the top-5 would have been lunacy.

I don't know what you need to qualify a guy as a top-pairing defender, but Ekblad's the real deal. If he was on a real team, that would be a unanimous statement. The misinformed ambiguity probably stems from you watching exclusively Habs games and eating up the local beat writers' content like it was scripture.</div></div>

Want to know who else is in the top 60 of ice time 5-5: Ben Chiarot, Ethan Bear, Zaitsev, Dekeyser, Kulikov, Nemeth, Severson....all top pair defensemen right?! Haha get real dude
Forum: Armchair-GM22 sep 2020 à 19 h 15