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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Facebookfighter</b></div><div>I think Jack's a big boy. I think what's pissing off Jack the most is losing? They're still on the same team. It's not like their friendship evaporates because he gets bumbed down a line. Think he can understand carrying two wingers and leaving Skinner and Reinhart to work a combo because leaving Skinner to dry has worked really well.

And these are low risk. Samuelson, Thompson and a 2nd are your top assets being moved? If you think those are immoveable you've lost it.

And Florida traded him to the Hurricanes a team that's fighting for a wild card spot? There's not much difference. Other than you would need to overpay.

If you need to get somebody you're going to overpay unless the other GM is stupid.</div></div>

I don't think their friendship is going to evaporate lmao. It's more on the lines of don't fix what isn't broken. We know Eichel and Reinhart work well together. Why mess that up? I'm not entirely opposed to trying out Reinhart there for a little bit, but relying on him to become a 2C and not acquiring one doesn't seem smart to me.

No they're certainly not immovable, but those are the top prospects we have at our weak points. Samuelsson is our most promising defensive minded d-man (which we don't have enough of), Pekar &amp; Thompson are promising wingers, and Davidsson at C. I'm fine moving one of them, but certainly not all of them.

Florida's only shot at making the playoffs is taking Toronto's spot, which we were gunning for too. And it's not only this year but next year too, since Trocheck has term. You're right we'd have to majorly overpay.

I was more thinking Strome from the Hawks but I like Strome from the Rangers too.
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