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Forum: Armchair-GM28 mai à 9 h 54
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheGHANDI90</b></div><div>That's partly my point. It's time to rebuild properly and acquire players our young guys can grow with. I don't want to keep hearing the phrase "let's just get into the playoffs and see what happens". THAT is how you build a perennial loser. Not cup contend year in year out.</div></div>

Yes - Your quote is bang on. I do want the habs to build properly thru the draft - the resets are futile. I do believe we have some core pieces to build around with Nick Suzuki, KK, Poehling, Evans ( I still want a bona fide stronger centre - they don't grow on trees). Toffoli, Anderson, Caufield, Gallagher fading but one needs some experience, Romanov, Petry (for the experience). The prospect pool is unproven but looks good with Struble, Guhle, Norlinder and Harris - My Jury is hung on Brooks or Fleury - not sure they make it. Allen / Primeau who looked shaky in a a couple of recent games are pieces. Another winger prospect of hope is Ylonen. The rest of the roster under contract including Price, Weber, Drouin, Lehkonen - they are all cannon fodder for me. Price's contract will be difficult to move but he deserves a chance to win somewhere. Weber can cross check elsewhere but his contract is not as much of a boat anchor as people think. He may have pride but after 2 more seasons, he is NOT playing for $1 million cash salary and risking injury. Edmundson was a terrible duplication of a Chiarot type defenseman - both are not what I am looking for with any term
Forum: Armchair-GM27 mai à 10 h 31
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheGHANDI90</b></div><div>The fuss about KK is exactly what you mentioned. We need to stop using the "he's the youngest player in the draft - he's one of just 3 teenagers playing in the nhl - he's only 20 years old"
For reference, this was posted on Habs forum a while ago;

Career statistics under the age of 21:

2006 Jonathan Toews 146 58 65 123 0.84
2000 Marian Gaborik 206 74 81 155 0.75
2009 Matt Duchene 200 63 83 146 0.73
2016 Pierre-Luc Dubois 164 47 62 109 0.66
2014 Leon Draisaitl 116 23 43 66 0.57
2012 Alex Galchenyuk 167 38 56 94 0.56
2003 Nathan Horton 126 42 27 69 0.55
2011 Jon Huberdeau 117 23 36 59 0.50
2013 Jonathan Drouin 89 6 34 40 0.45
2018 Jesperi Kotkaniem 168 22 40 62 0.37
2007 Kyle Turris 66 8 13 21 0.32
2001 Alexandr Svitov 103 6 13 19 0.18
2015 Dylan Strome 18 1 1 2 0.11

So to be perfectly frank, and looking at that list, KK is another Drouin... just worse. That doesn't bode well for him or instill much confidence in his career progression thus far. Even Galchenyuk's stats and overall effectiveness at the same age with equal amount of Games played was much more encouraging. And look how he turned out for us...</div></div>

I respect the comment and analysis - Every single one of those players had far more North American rink experience than KK with the exception of Gaborik who was off and running at the start. I'll be patient and give KK one more year
Toews - Had Sharp and Kane his first 3 years, Duchene - Hejduk and Stastny, Dubois - Panarin, Jones/Werenski , Leon - McDavid, Eberle Taylor Hall, - KK has not exactly been set up or developed for success. Galchenyuk had one good year with Patches I believe then started to tank.
Forum: Armchair-GM26 mai à 17 h 15
1) The trading for "rebound" players and praying for them to elevate their games has not worked - time to push the draft and stockpile some picks. Armia is a typical example. Tatar was a throw-in. The **** with Merrill, Gustafson and Staal should never have happened. Byron is a another example of a potential flash in the pan that never materialized
2) Our LHD prospect pool is extremely strong - Norlinder, Struble, (Physical stud) Guhle (shutdown defender) , Harris (stready eddie) but they are just prospects at the moment. We need more goal scoring and centre depth. I would be packaging a 2nd rounder plus something to move into another top 40 pick in this year of the gamble. I would love Sillinger, McTavish, Lucius, Pastujov, Bourgault, Raty if we could swing 1 or 2 of them. Not a rebuild but get some more scoring prospects which admittedly don't grow on trees
3) KK is 20 years old - he will be fine - not sure what all the fuss has been about so far just because Tkachuk has outplayed him. Poehling and Evans are 3rd or 4th liners. The team needs more depth at Centre beyond KK and Suzuki but the free agent tree is dry. We will need a trade here. Unlikely Buffalo parts with Eichel to a team in the division but the asking price is too much. Move on from Danault - nice for a shutown centre but he adds no scoring
4) Weber - thank god he is likely only good to be here for 2 more years but he can't play top pairing minutes. If we have a chance to move him, he should be dealt and even partial salary retained for next year. One of Chiarot or Edmundson should be gone - too much overlap in their similar games. We need a puck moving LHD and if we can trade for unlikely to be protected in the expansion draft - Vince Dunn or Jake Bean, pull the strings. Play Romanov. Give Brook or Fleury a chance.
5) Convince Carey Price to waive his NMC in the expansion draft so we can keep Jake Allen. Very unlikely Seattle takes Price in the draft at that cap salary although Price may want to be closer to his home town. Sure hoping Seattle plucks Byron, or Chiarot, Lehkonen. etc.
6) Sadly I think Bergevin is here for 1 more year - it might be too rushed to try to find a new GM before this expansion draft and prospect draft. He has to change his approach to live with the youth including a guy like Jesse Ylonen. Coaching - Joel Bouchard has done a great development job in Laval.
7) I don't know what to think of Drouin's situation - mental health, physical health issues personally or in family. I love what I see in Caufield's game - vision, skating, passing, and shooting - Cole is going to be a star so I hope they pair him with the right players.
Forum: Mock-Draft23 mai à 15 h 53
Forum: Mock-Draft21 avr à 10 h 10