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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jco5ta5</b></div><div>Either people don’t understand facts or choose to ignore them because they simply hate the Hawks. I’m choosing the latter for most people here.

1) he’s a 20 goal scorer in a top 6 role. Proved it last year. Is he top 6 in Vegas or Colorado? No. But 6 guys x 32 teams is 192 players are “top 6”. He’s in the top 192 even if he ranks 192/192.
2) He’s fast and Davidson loves guys who are fast.
3) he’s a great locker room guy
4) Hawks are going to be bad so you do have to overpay to keep guys.
5) you still have to field a team and with some experienced veterans. Last year Hawks had Kane Toews and Domi. Now they have none of them. In comes Bedard and Reichel. AA is a good veteran presence.
6) Davidson is keeping all his contracts short for cap management reasons during this rebuild. He likely had to overpay to keep the term at 2 years.
7) AA is the ONLY forward player (other than prospects on ELC) who has a contract beyond next season. He, Jones and Murphy are the only 3 players who have contracts for the 25-26 season. That’s on purpose.

Everyone needs to calm down. This is great for both sides. Hawks get a good guy who wants to be in Chicago, they know who they’re getting, great locker room guy, veteran, 20 goal scorer while AA gets a few more years of stability and cashes in.

Win for both sides. Everyone needs to chill.</div></div>

The only 2 teams that have him in the top 6 are: Chicago and Arizona... The teams in which he doen't make the top 9: Colorado, Dallas, Toronto, Vegas, Tampa, Carolina, Seattle, (you could argue) Edmonton, NJD, NYR and Boston...

He's not a guy that would would put in your top 6 on a competitive team and so him getting that kind of money is a crazy overpay
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