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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NicholasM2699</b></div><div>Let me ask you this? With the entire NHL knowing the situation the leafs are in, why on earth would they make moves to help you? Secondly, Travis Dermott is worth well over 1.75 so that is a pipedream. Your signings are delusional, the trades are one sided. The trade for Minnesota costs them a draft pick for two bottom six forwards that they don't need, yes, until Andreas brings more consistency he is a third line player. They are needing to rebuild. A 2nd round pick is valuable to them. The hawks get Engvall who accomplishes about the same as Kampf and it costs them a pick...</div></div>

What the heck are you delusional? O my Dallas fans are stupid. Maybe stick to baseball because I know for a fact Dallas stars fans know nothing about hockey.
1. When were teams helping us? Did you even look with those eyes
2. I'M SIGNING DERMOTT TO A ONE YEAR DEAL! You haven't even watched leaf games or seen his stats. Oh I forgot Dallas fans are stupid so nothing unusual.
3. When were my signing bad. Your just mad that leafs will match Mikheyev. na na na boo boo.
4. Lol a 20 goal scorer and a 3rd line centre for another 3rd line centre? And all we get is a second. That trade is in their favour. You clearly are just super biased.
5. Engvall is much better than Kampf. Kampf is a 4th liner engvall is a 3rd liner. Brainless Dallas fans don't know what their talking about
How bout go back to Basketball or Baseball because hockey is clearly not your sport. Or you can just decide to stay here and look really bad and stupid
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