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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MatthewsFan</b></div><div>Agree with most of this: the top line has not looked as effective as last year (20 shots for 15 against) they normally dominate which we have not seen yet but willing to give them a few more games before I’d consider splitting them up although no check in hell Keefe does lol.

Nylander has looked awesome but again same issues as always they are hardly wining at 5v5 play (21 shots for 18 against) Love Malgin but I’d be cool with and expect Robertson to take Denis out, at least for a few games. Would be great if he is the long term solution for him them but I’m not so sure yet.

Now the 3rd line as been the Leafs best 5v5 unit for the first 3 games. They look awesome and the stats show (16 shots for 3 against) They’ve dominated their ice time just need some shooting luck.

The 4th line has looked not good (4 shots for 12 against) I love the energy they bring but need to start winning more 5v5 play. This was a line I’d thought would dominate, haven’t seen it yet.</div></div>

The first line just doesn't look like they have any chemistry at all. Like we saw them absolutely take over games last season, but they just seem a bit out of sync. I think it's too early to think it's a problem but year if they continue to struggle past game 15 I could see them changing things up. I've actually been a fan of the 2nd line. Although they haven't had the best shots for shots against ratio, you can see that Willy and JT have been playing really well these first 3 games. As for the 4th line I mean you expect them to be shot against way more than shot for. That's exactly what shut down lines do, they limit changes as much as possible even if it means providing little to no offense. Also, that 4th line has a 11.1% offensive zone starts meaning they are never put into a position to dominate offensively.
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