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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MatthewsFan</b></div><div>Offensively, agree Robertson could fit with Tavares and Nylander. It would be refreshing to see someone who could finish off plays on their line a bit more consistently than Kerfoot. My issues is both Tavares and Nylander are not the greatest defensively and need more of a grinder (get in the forecheck, win a battle of the puck type, ugh Nino would have been perfect) I just struggle to see Robertson being that guy for a full 60mins. I feel like they would get eaten alive defensively.

And I honestly wonder what kind of return Robertson could even fetch. Feel like he holds more value to the Leafs. A former late 2nd round pick that hasn’t been able to stay healthy for a full year doesn’t scream top 6 fwd return. Maybe I’m wrong.
I’d love to see Robertson make this team but in a shelter 3rd line role with a few shifts in game with the big boys, would be my ideal.

But I’m with you, I can’t believe we a week or so away from training camp and Kerfoot/Holl/Muzzin are on this roster.

Muzzin for all his good has not come close to playing a full 82 games in a Leaf uni and Kerfoot/Holl are sooooo past being of value to this roster.</div></div>

I see your point, I'm just not sold on it to the extent of not trying it out. Yeah, that second line wouldn't be the best defensively, but as long as they outscore the opposition, it's really just not that big a concern to me. The top line is tremendous defensively, Engvall and Kampf were two thirds of one of the best shutdown lines in hockey and Jarnkrok (who I expect to line up alongside them) is no slouch in his own zone. 4th line also looks like it's shaping up to be low-event in terms of goal scoring at either end. And I know it's nice and often effective to pair the gritty grinder type with the talent, but all kinds of combinations can work.

I don't think Robertson alone would bring in the type of player I have in mind, but I think he could be a centerpiece of a package.

I wouldn't like to see him in the bottom 6 at all. Waste of time if you ask me. Kinda leaves the 3rd line in limbo if you play him there - takes away from that line as a shut down unit and puts him in a position not suited to him. A few minutes a night on the 4th line is just pointless.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MatthewsFan</b></div><div>2023 is absolutely a terrible year to trade your 1st round pick. I don’t know how you feel but after watching the first two games in Traverse City, I don’t feel Robertson is the right fit for Nylander and Tavares. Nick is definitely ready for an NHL but not in the top six. He has a legit NHL shot but he needs to be more selective with his shots and without the puck needs to find more dangerous scoring areas. I’d honestly rather see Holmberg given that shot if that’s where things are going.

And I feel pretty confident Engvall Kampf Jarnkrok will be a shutdown 3rd line leaving Robertson for the 4th line. Which I don’t like.

I certainly don’t have prospect fatigue with Robertson and having him play another year in the AHL (he just turned 21) is fine by me.

I will be pleasantly surprised if they don’t move their 2023 1st at the TDL for an impact top 6 FWD.</div></div>

I wouldn't call it prospect fatigue and I certainly don't <em>want</em> to see him go, I just think it could be what makes the most sense. With Knies, Amirov (health permitting), Hirvonen, etc in the wings for potential future LW spots, if Robertson isn't ready come TDL moving him for a guy that makes the team better now and bridges the gap until new faces are ready... It's tough to argue against that being the right course of action.

Kind of both agree and disagree on Robertson's fit. The shot selection and finding soft spots in coverage are my two biggest criticisms of him, but I think that makes the top 6 perfect for him. Not being the biggest threat on the ice will do wonders for him in that regard and we saw that in his short stint with JT and Willy. He's never going to be a perfect player, but I think he's at the very least ready for a legitimate shot, and the top 6 is really the only place he's going to get that.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MatthewsFan</b></div><div>If Minten reaches his ceiling I could see him being a solid fit on the fourth line putting up 20-35 points in his prime. He is fringe 4th liner whose value will come from his relentless forecheck and shoot-from-anywhere mentality.

Leafs have fixed the goaltending situation and have enough prospects that one of (Petruzelli, Peska, Hildeby, Akhtyamov, McKay) could become a 1B and hopefully best case a 1A.

Agreed, LW looks set with Robertson, Knies, Abruzese and Hirvonen all look promising to at least compete for a roster spot.

I knew nothing of Grebenkin but he looks intriguing as a RW. I still like Miettinen game but he had a sophomore slump last year needs to have a better year for St. Cloud. Size will always be a concern but I have high hopes for Voit as a RW.

Defence and Center prospects are very concerning. It looks like they are grooming Holmberg for that role, I could see him topping out as a Jarnkrok clone. SDA and Abramov need a big year with the Marlies to prove they can be NHL players. I actually like SDA more as a winger, liked his game in the first couple of games in Rookie tourney. I like Douglas a lot, he will be a great 4C. I have higher hopes of Tverberg reaching 3C than I do of Minten. Which make the Minten selection even more frustrating since they already have enough high energy bottom six guys.

After Sandin there are no LD prospects pushing for an NHL. That’s a major issue and why getting him signed is a big deal. The Leafs haven’t drafted a D prospect in the last two drafts. Kral and Kokkonen look interesting but hardly a sure thing. Niemela is at least two years away from competing for a role. Koster looks interesting but still a likely bottom pairing guy at best.

I will be shocked if they keep their 2023 1st round pick. They need to address the top 6 (they should have just signed Niederreiter instead of Engvall + Jarnkrok but oh well) I don’t foresee us drafting in the 1st round next year.

Most of the glaring issues can be fixed in free agency but until the cap really goes up, there are still some major holes in the prospect pool.

Saturday rant over lol</div></div>

I think the Leafs keep their 1st this year. Obviously things can change on a dime, but it seems pretty apparent that top 6 LW is the biggest hole that needs filling like you said (assuming one of Murray or Samsonov rise to the occasion). To me, either that role gets filled from within or one of the guys who has a hope of filling it (likely Robertson) is out the door for an immediate solution with a little term. 2023 is just not a good year to trade your 1st.

Edit: Like you mentioned though, that problem could've been solved in FA and it kind of pissed me off that the Leafs didn't capitalize on this class by trading Muzzin/Kerfoot/Holl...