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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KDow88</b></div><div>Only issue is, Florida has too many forwards as it is, and a few that play the role CC plays- Lomberg, even Bennett to name a couple, their after a 2nd paring d man as their main target too.. I totally get where you're coming from for the Picks aspect, I would do the same tbh as the GM, pick up a couple decent picks to make other areas expendable without really losing anything in the process, I can see Edmonton paying that type of price with the conditions on picks IF Varly was to waive his NTC to go to Edmonton, but again the Isles would need to take Koskinen on for cap purposes, plus his deal expires come seasons end anyways, so you wouldn't need to deal with the PTSD for too long, plus he likely helps them get a higher pick as it is... One last thing I forgot to note earlier, Klingberg will NOT sign for anything less than 6 years and likely $8m, which I believe a few people have pointed out already.. He was looking for 7/8 years with Dallas starting at $8m(as a home team discount), before the talks completely broke off and Nill is looking to likely deal him now... I see a team like the Red Wings make a big push to have him in the 2nd pairing D behind Seider, possibly the Preds as they have the cap space and are showing signs of improvements. Otherwise it may be teams like Arizona, or Buffalo that will just throw a bunch of money at him to lure him there for cap purposes and try relieve some of the younger players of the pressures of being a top pairing NHL D man at the ages of 19 or 23(Power/Dahlin)...</div></div>

Klingberg is going to be looking at Hamiltons deal. Hamilton got paid more to go to a team that is still a couple years away so as I mentioned above and as you point out Klingberg will get more to go to a rebuild but a team that is in win now mode is not going to throw that money and term at him