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Forum: Armchair-GM13 mai à 16 h 09
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>". again you cant be slow and be great in todays nhl its just facts"
this is false. It's the premis of your whole argument and it's patently false.
If you can 1 time a puck 90+mph with high accuracy you are going to find a spot in the NHL no matter how slow you are.
That's why I have said and I'll continue to say he could play till he's 45 and still be productive and score a lot of goals.
His game has nothing to do with how he skates. As long as he can stand up, shoot and lurk slowly in an area to drift in and out of the soft spots to shoot he'll be playing and scoring.
But lets not confuse that with having any foot speed. It's not the same.</div></div>

Dude, do you even watch Ovechkin? I'm seriously asking, because your hot take is atrocious. Claiming he can't skate and is slow is like claiming Crosby can't score goals. It's a dumb ass take. Go watch the highlights of the last few years of Ovechkin. Seriously, go do it, because you've obviously missed a LOT of them.

You've not cited any actual tangible evidence for your position, you're just asserting it out of your ass. Literally out of your ass. Meanwhile, both me and Capitalfail have given reasons as to why not only he isn't slow but it doesn't make any sense that he would be based on the things we've said.

I also gave a very particular play vs Toronto and Marner (is he slow? Must be, since Ovi kept up with him and backchecked the puck away from him in OT), and you conveniently ignored that. Your take is just bad plain. Sorry to be so harsh, but you're refusing to acknowledge a single point either of us have made, it just makes you look like a pure hater with unwavering bias. Have a nice day.
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Forum: Armchair-GM11 mai à 20 h 50
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>come on man, he's the only guy in the league who's had whole systems developed based on him standing in 1 place. It's not simply because of the shot either. You can move and shoot pretty easily.
It's the legs. He doesn't have them. It's hard to get 250lbs moving. It's why he's been droppign weight. I just checked his weight on here, it's listed 236. That's down 14 pounds from like 2 years ago.
He even knows he has to get leaner to keep moving. He's not some tall player either, he should realistically be like 215-220lbs tops. Look at wilson he's 6'4 and 220. That's why he's so much faster than a player like OV. It's hard to move 240lbs with any kind of speed. That's true in like every sport.
It's fine really. He has his role, he fills it well. But he can't carry a team. Him alone on a team isn't going to go well with no help in getting the puck. There are guys you can put out there that cover ice and can take over and carry a line and team. McDavid can, Matthews can, Barzal can, McKinnon can, even Crosby and Malkin still can. They can carry a line they are all over the ice moving. Even if they aren't the fastest players anymore, like Crosby isn't the fastest guy on the ice by far but he knows what he's doing with the puck. But you have to be able to move. OV can't move well. Great shot, no legs.
In some sense you should be happy about it. Hell you could probably role him out on a power play in a wheelchair at 50 and he'd still net you 25 goals a season standing in the same spot, as long as the other 4 players were willing to do the hustling.</div></div>

I just don't agree with your assessment. Seems more like hating than reality. He's not as slow as you make him out to be. He can still move decently straight line. Like I said, DSP was slow. Ovi is not slow like that. Is he slow compared to McDavid? Well yeah, but McDavid is the fastest skater in the league.

Not everyone has to be as fast as Wilson. Wilson has pretty solid speed overall. Ovi isn't much slower (probably isn't slower) than Carlson, and Carlson weighs less and is taller (maybe the same height?). It's not like Ovi is some fat ass bowling ball.

This is just a really weird convo here man. Ovi isn't fast, on that I agree. But he isn't slow like you're making him out to be. You're just wrong. And when you cite a weight that is quite a bit off (250 vs 235 via hockey reference), it's hard to take you seriously.
Forum: Armchair-GM11 mai à 14 h 02
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>he can't carry a team now. He can't skate. He relies on the other guys to do that. He has for years. He's slow.
That's what happens when you want to be a 250lb player who boards guys.
If you watch him frequently you know this. That's why they put him on lines with younger fast physical Wilson who will go get the puck and pass it to him.
He's a sniper that's it. But he'll get whatever he wants. So if you think he's not going to get paid you are kidding yourself. There isn't much worry with decline on OV. I mean **** how much slower can he get?
You can have a good shot till you're atleast 60. He could probably play till he's 45 at long as they don't change the rules somehow that require him to actually move his legs.</div></div>

That's pretty harsh dude. He's not slow straight line. DSP, now THAT was slow. Compared to DSP, Ovi looked fast. His effort is sometimes lacking (Ovi), but I mean the dude is getting older, but if things are on the line, he tends to be the one that goes all out. Just look at the Carolina series last year. Felt like he was the only one out there at times doing anything.

Anyway, as he ages, yes, he'll get more one dimensional. But he's still going to be the best at that niche he does. So he'll have value.

He just can't expect 10+ mill, because he doesn't bring enough to take that much of the cap up. If he expects that, then the Caps overall team will suffer, and they won't be as good as a team. Unless McMichael turns into McDavid 2.0.
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