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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mv21227</b></div><div>Habs fans will ask for a 1st and top prospect for Anderson, then offer this crap for a better player in Boeser</div></div>

Replace <strong>Habs fans</strong> with <strong>insiders</strong> and you are correct.


"Colleagues Thomas Drance and Rick Dhaliwal reported that the Canucks understand “that the return will be relatively pedestrian” if a Boeser trade is found. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that <strong>his value is minimal</strong> given the market conditions that the Oliver Bjorkstrand trade in the offseason hinted at, for example."

"Some clubs will therefore frame Boeser as an oft-injured, one-dimensional player who doesn’t score consistently enough at five-on-five to justify his $6.66 million cap hit."


"Scoop: GM Kent Hughes’ phone has rang consistently with teams inquiring about <strong>Anderson, whose skillset makes him a rare breed in today’s NHL</strong>. Anderson has skill, he can move, he’s big and has brawn. Oh, yeah, and he’s locked up for five more seasons at a very reasonable number for a guy who has knocked on the 30-goal door. To date, the <strong>Habs have resisted the urge and likely some tempting offers</strong>, but you have to at least allow for the possibility that they get a ‘Godfather’ offer they cannot refuse."
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