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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dekes</b></div><div>i can almost guarantee you he will receive and OS then if vegas won't pay him more then whitecloud. Multiple fan bases are very high on him after the jump he took this season. He's a 23yr old 6'6 dman that is good at blocking shots and doesn't over exert himself physically because he's big so that he gets taken out of the play, he's also got a cannon of a shot. As a bruins fan id love him partnered up with Mcavoy and i know anaheim is high on him being a dpartner for drysdale. so good luck getting him for less then 3mill, not that vegas has the cap space anyways the minute he is OS he's done in vegas lol. unless you pay to move karlsson or take a lowball offer for Marchessault or Pax.

this ACGM is all taking in account that martinez is moved which will cost vegas a decent amount to move. soon to be 35yr old dman on a 2yr 5.25 mill contract no to mention he has been injury prone the last 4 years and he didn't recover that well last season

Smith also stated he wanted 5 mill aav so that's another thing and i also thing Roy has the potential of getting an OS around 3.5 mill too as he really stepped up this year aswell.

too many cap issues for vegas i doubt they can bring back hague and 1 of roy or smith so many other teams can outbid them.</div></div>
Hague took a big step forward in ice time nothing more. Pietrangelo had one of his worse statistically seasons playing significant minutes with Hague. Martinez did quite well after his return, especially considering how much time he was off ice.