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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy316</b></div><div>See i value Hoffman for the same reasons so i feel you got a logical approach in your reasoning for the move.
Where you lose me kinda is Marchessault is a great 200ft player who is good defensively just bad at handling multiple people in 2v1,3v1 and even 3v2 assignments.
1 on 1 defensive assignments he's actually pretty good i found in the games vs MTL dating back to FLA days
Plus he's coming off a career high 20 PP points but to your point will likely drop off again as he's largely an even strength player.

I look at Marchessault like JG Pageau or Yanni Gourde just with better and more consistent Goal Scoring
Good 3rd line guy who can play 2nd line as long as he has great chemistry with the guy like he does Reilly Smith
Few in his position as consistent as Marchessault has been so MTL would love to have him as would many teams

Karlsson i just figured is the 4 year 5.9m contract for a player who's consistently declined every years since re-signing .
I dont think he's bad i just think some players need a change for whatever reason, Marchesault needed 2 before he became a consistent player
I think Karlsson would also fit in nicely in MTL to help mentor Dach into a Center of Value in the Faceoff Circle at the very least.

or even Martinez who's been a brick since back to back deep runs his first 2 years
Just surprised Marchesault is the guy you'd wanna move to get Hoffman
We will take it though lol</div></div>
Just trying to facilitate the thread starters proposal he made it quite clear he was interested in acquiring Quebec born players lol. And I wouldn’t trade pieces of our defense to fill our PP hole I’d rather just give Brisson a shot.
As for Karlsson he a solid two way player but because he is very low intensity and was very unlucky in terms of one ice shooting percentage last season it seems like he’s declining but I don’t think he is. His low intersity should actually help him age better.
Marchessault is a surprisingly good puck battler for his size but he’s poor at shutting down plays in transition and it leads to a lot of shots against. His struggles are certainly not because of a lack of effort though. Maybe he’s not terrible defensively but just below average. I’ve actually seen him in person he looks quite strong.
I don’t mean to start an argument btw I probably should have taken your “need” comment less literally.
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