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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TooMalevolent</b></div><div>If I was the leafs I would never pay that much for Dumba. Between Dumba already being there for expansion- so I don't think his value is that high- and Reilly for the leafs being the same kind of player, I would not do it. The Predators wanted the "Muzzin" return for Ekholm last year. This is higher than that and I think Ekholm is a better player. If the leafs were to give this up, they would target something higher than Dumba I think.

Moreover, I know the Caps are down on the guy, but no one is that down on a guy. And I'm saying this as someone that really likes Hartman.</div></div>

Imo the team definitely needs to get a legitimate top 4 RHD. Holl is solid but Idk if he's meant to be a guy who logs 20+ minutes in the playoffs on a long run, I see him more as a 3rd pair guy on a championship team. Furthermore I don't think the Leafs are giving up an insane value for Dumba, especially if he's at just a 4.8mil cap hit, he will more than likely outperform that deal. If you look at the values of the Leafs players; Kerfoot is probably worth just a 3rd rn, Holl probably would fetch a 2nd and a solid prospect, and then there's the 2022 1st (in yes a pretty good class). So basically it equates to Dumba on a really solid 2 year deal for a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and a solid prospect.
I know the Leafs probably don't want to make another 'big move' regarding the defence but something has to be done for this team to take it to the next level. With growth from their key forward core members and with arguably the best top 4 the team could probably ice given their salary structure (Rielly-Brodie, &amp; Muzzin-Dumba).
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