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Welcome to the Forum, I hope you have fun with it.

You're significantly under valuing Vladar, Zadorov & Ruzicka

I don't see Coronato jumping right in on the 1st line, we might try him out at Centre first and I'd like to see Kadri moved to RW, either with Lindholm, Coronato or Backlund to play more of the role and style Matthew Tkachuk did for us. Kadri has been horrendous defensively and a liability at Centre. His line has only looked great when his Wingers were Mangiapane & Coleman

Kylington would be paired best with Tanev and if he does come back with Jeremie Poirier also almost NHL Ready, I think Hanifin becomes expendable unless he sign's long-term for no more than $6.25mil/yr, in which case Kylington would likely become the expendable one.

Need a Big, Mean, Physical, Shot Blocking, Penalty Killing 3-LD like Logan Stanley or Kevin Bahl if you're going to move Zadorov, unless Dennis Gilbert is ready for full-time NHL action

Also need a Bigger & Better 3-RD like Jani Hakanpaa or Pending UFA's Luke Schenn, Justin Holl or mayyybe Andrej Sustr. If Hanifin gets Traded, might want to bring in Ryan Graves and/or Connor Clifton, Kevin Shattenkirk or Matt Dumba as Future Tanev Replacements as well, in which Kylington & Tanev would get bumped down to the 3rd Pairing to manage Tanev's minutes and shelter Kylington

Stecher's okay as a 7th D-Man, but I don't think he's much better than Stone (unreliable/injury prone) or Gilbert (Bigger + More Physical + Improving) and Stecher's certainly not worth any more than the $1.25mil/yr he's already making. I'd maybe Trade for Ethan Bear if we can't get any of the guys above, since he's a Cheap Right Shot D-Man. Would have liked to see Nic Meloche at 3-RD, but it's too late now and I doubt he comes back since he wasn't used at all this season
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Lancebmx</b></div><div>Maybe Ruzicka and Coleman swap then

So basically what you have but swap Toffoli and Coronato</div></div>
Problem with swapping Coleman &amp; Ruzicka is Kadri's a very difficult Centre to play with, he's a lone wolf who goes everywhere and it constantly going off-side or putting others off-side. Wingers have a very difficult time knowing where he's going to go and where he wants them to be or where they should go. Kadri also has a bad tendency to just throw the puck back that sometimes gets missed by the defender when everyone is deep in the zone, creating odd-man rushes and/or breakaways. He's a Defensive Liability at Centre AFAIC, hence why I want him moved to the RW to be more of a Matthew Tkachuk style player = Physical, Gritty, Drawing Penalties, Passing &amp; Shooting from the Side/Corner and Going to the Net &amp; Dirty Areas to Retrieve Pucks, Clean Up Rebounds or Deflect/Tip Shots on Net

If played at Centre, I think Kadri needs players like Coleman as his Wingers, because he's fast to react, goes to the net, retrieves pucks and is defensively smart and strong enough to recognise &amp; help cover the problems Kadri creates

Dube is another Winger who has had success with Kadri, but he's not as Experienced or Good at Sheltering a line Defensively as Backlund, Coleman or Old Man Trevor Lewis. Pelletier isn't experienced enough and Ruzicka isn't Strong or Defensive enough. I don't mind the idea of trying Coronato with Kadri, because he's supposed to be a Physical Stud and with his Right Shot, he &amp; Kadri could split time taking Faceoffs and/or at C/RW

The best I've seen Kadri at C is with Mangiapane-Kadri-Coleman, so I wonder if Dube-Kadri-Coleman or Coleman-Kadri-Dube would work okay too, otherwise like I said above, move Kadri to RW and problem solved: Coleman - Dube/Coronato - Kadri

AND if you have Backlund or Lindholm Centre Kadri, you could probably have any of Huberdeau, Mangiapane, Toffoli, Dube, Coleman, Ruzicka, Pelletier or Ritchie at LW, because Backs &amp; Lindy are simply Amazing Defensive Centres

The only real and best way I see Ruzicka playing moving forward would be if he's playing on Lindholm or Backlunds Wing OR he plays Centre and is sheltered by 2 Veteran Wingers, like Dube, Coleman or Lewis, in which he coould play 3C OR if just one of those Veterans + either Pelletier, Duehr, Coronato or Ritchie being the other Winger, he could be the 4th "Energy" Line Centre, but he's more of a Top-9 Offensive Player than a Checking Line Player. I also only see Ruzicka playing in the Top-9 again if we move Coleman and/or Dube down to the 4th line to give that line more Speed, Skill &amp; Balance with a player like Coronato, Duehr or Ritchie
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy316</b></div><div>Fair point about Coleman So guess the Better question becomes of Dube /Ruzicka which do you think would seize and opportunity beside them not only Defensively but Offensively ?
I liked Coleman for multiple reasons but you're right Defensively maybe not ideal . Its too bad you didnt have Connor Brown because everything we're trying to define is him in a nutshell.
Either way i think Coronato-Kadri will be the Ying-Yang to that line and the 3rd guy will just help elevate their play while also elevating his own value.
You're only worry would be how the Coach decides to use Coronato . We had to fire two coaches we're still paying because they tried to break Caufield and turn him into something he wasnt.
Hopefully Sutter will put him in a position to succeed</div></div>

Coleman is by far the Better and Stronger Defensive Winger who is good for 15 Goals Per Season, Going to the Net, Protecting the Puck and Stealing it away or Digging it out of the Corners or from behind the net

Dube is a skilled, fast and hard working winger like Mangiapane, but isn't as experienced or smart defensively as the slower and less offensively skilled Coleman and he isn't as strong, so sticks between the boards and the dot, rarely going to the net. He's definietly more skilled offensively than Coleman, including shooting and passing accuracy imo

Ruzicka has the offensive talent that Dube has and maybe even better passing and vision, but though he's bigger, he's not very physical or strong and not as fast, so gets knocked off the puck and has a hard time protecting it or retrieving it from the boards. Like Dube, he sticks between the boards and dot and rarely goes to the net. He's more of a floating type player and not nearly as good defensively or experienced as Coleman or Dube. He would/will be much better if he gets stronger and physical and became more of a Power Forward willing to drive to the net like Walker Duehr, Brett Ritchie or Nick Ritchie do. I'd say Lucic, but he doesn't go to the net near as much, but if he did, he'd probably score more like he did last night

1. Coleman (Physical &amp; Strong with and without the Puck, Main Strength is his Defensive Play)
2. Dube (Offensively Talented, Hard Working, Energetic &amp; Physical Forward)
3. Ruzicka (Big, Soft, Offensively Talented, but Inexperienced and lacking Energy/Emotion)
4. Pelletier (Small but Agile. Good Energy and Decent Defensively, but very Inexperienced)

On a side note, Mangiapane-Kadri-Coleman looked very dangerous together as well