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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>I'm not a Leafs fan, but from the outside...I'll disagree <strong>slightly</strong> with a couple of these.

A.)Very weak drafting. Robertson Knies in the 2nd are still both very good picks in the 2nd round. Topi in the 3rd is still a very good 3rd round pick. You can't really help Amirov. That's not fair.
B.) mismanaged cap. Kinda yeah. It's more the second part. Handing out contracts to players for something they can potentially achieve vs contracts for what they've actually achieved is a HUGE piece, but LTIR management...retentions slots...I mean Brandon Pridham has done a decent job. Riley Nash

To me... the issue has always been that management underestimates every single year how badly other teams are simply willing to mortgage the future more than TOR is willing to do. FLA doesn't have their next (3) 1st round picks. TBL doesn't have their next (2) 1st round picks. But Dubas thinks Gio is somehow Giroux. In what universe is Foligno worth a 1st?

There are also smaller items. NOT one single GM wins every trade, but it does hurt to lose Kadri. Mason Marchment. It also hurts that Dubas has to trade assets away for his own mistakes. Mrazek and Ritchie, but also with Ritchie...he didn't extend the Lubi...a guy TOR very much needed. Instead Jarnkrok and Matt Murray is where Dubas spends the cap he has.</div></div>

Dubas is very much in love with adding to his Defensive forward group, but seems to ignore this teams need year after year for better RD
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