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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jpsnow13</b></div><div>Since we seems to have common understanding of teams needs based on their development stages, I would be interested in where do you see Petry go. I only see 2 destinations:

DAL - Fighting for a playoff spot, they need to trade Klingberg at TDL or loose him for nothing (pass on that return would be stupid) . Petry would be a good cheap (value wise) replacement and a good fit. They have leadership and capspace.

PIT - Might be their last push for a cup. A fast puck moving RHD would fit nicely in their system, even if Burkie might not be fond of his physicality. They have no capspace, so money (Marino+retention?) Would need to go back the other way. Short term win, long term lost. But you owe it to Sid.

Bonus one:

CLB - young team not spending big, Bean and Boqvist on the roster already, but they do like older players with a geographical connection and term (Voracek, Roslovic). Like Nashville, it doesn't fit the GM philosophy much, but I see a fit.


All your points are valid, I honestly have no idea of where Petry might go. As a habs fan, seeing him play this season really doesn't scream "quality piece to trade" especially at that price tag. There's the money issue but also the term issue. He isn't getting any younger and if he keeps playing like that, no team will want to take that big of a risk despite his past success.

I guess we'll see but for now, I really believe Petry ends the season here and you try to find a nice fit in the summer when maybe some teams missed out on free agents or something like that...
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