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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hullsy09</b></div><div>I think a lot of the problems with Debrusk were with Cassidy, but now that he’s gone idk if there are still problems. I could see debrusk being a target but I wouldn’t move a first for him. I would maybe offer a 2nd, a 3rd and McGinn. I would also want to give him a look on Crosby’s line and try a guentzel-Malkin-rust line - just to try it and shake things up, could always go back if it doesn’t work.

Overall this is very well thought out and I agree with basically everything else. If the Debrusk thing doesn’t work out, I could see Marchment or Vatrano being options in UFA</div></div>

I just looked at the LW UFA market and thought BLAH. Everyone was either going to be overpaid middle 6 wingers who you are hoping can play at a top 6 level, or legit top 6 guys commanding 5mil or higher. Which PIT really cant afford. So i started looking at either middle 6 forwards at a good price, or top 6 LWs that are on the block and Debrusk seemed like a good fit. I think your right, cassidy being gone really changes the landscape for Debrusk, but as far as the latest rumours are concerned he's still OTB.

There is a few people that you could target for 2nd line LW.

Pony up in FA for Burakovsky, Palat, Nichuskin, Neidereiter, etc

Risk it in FA on a middle 6 guy like Mikheyev, Domi, Marchment, etc

Resign a guy like EROD or Heinen for the top 6

Go after high value guys in a trade like JT Miller, or Necas

or go after mid value wingers in trade like Debrusk, or Kubalik. I prefer the last option.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ThatBoredHockeyFan</b></div><div>Maf will want to take a pay cut to be back in Pittsburg,Monahan is for a year, just switch mcginn and O Connor,Mason is a good shut down D, Rakell wont he's a good top 9,I understand flames,Malkin might</div></div>

First off. I was saying the PENGUINS wont wanna pay a guy 2.5 mil to be their backup. That's dumb considering how strapped to the cap they are. As well, as much as MAF wants the return to PIT, he's also made it clear he wants to be a starter still and has no interest in a backup role.

Monahan is for a year, yeah I know, but it's still 6million dollars to a guy who is going to be your 3C when your team is like I mentioned, already strapped to the cap. You'd be better off clearing cap elsewhere and using that cap space to buy someone better in FA.

You said "just switch McGinn and O'Connor" like somehow that is better lmao. DOC is NOT top 9 ready, I'm sorry but he was given a fair shot in the league and he was terrible. I'd sooner use Zohorna. You saying "switch McGinn for O'Connor" is literally a worse alternative lol.

Manson is a good defender? Sure. Yeah. He's fine. But as a replacement for Kris Letang??? No. He's not fine at all. This D core would get shelled. Marino as much as I am a marino truther, is not a top 2 guy hes a top 4 guy. He's not ready to take that spot. This entire D core would be bad.

Rakell a top 9 guy? Holy **** you're dumber than I thought. I mean I'm not saying he's some elite guy or anything but he's for sure a top 6 forward on almost every team. Regardless of his AAV. I mean you put him at 4.2mil I'd have him more like 4.7. Thats not that far off. But you thinking Rak is a top 9 guy is ridiculous lmao...

Lastly. Malkin wont. Flat out. I agree that's what he's worth sure. But last report I heard he's asking for 7.5+

Like I said before. This team would be significantly worse than last year. Look at our roster last year. What was our issue. Depth scoring was the big one. Well look at this team. We have EVEN WORSE depth scoring with this roster, and then you decided if that wasn't bad enough you'd torch our defense as well hahahah. This team would be dog dick. It would struggle to even make the playoffs