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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aadoyle</b></div><div>From what I have heard and gathered Zadorov seems to be best as a 3rd pair guy but also is overqualified for it. Like that guy who should have been a 2nd pair but due to factors and traits is better for third pair duty.

And this was from Avs, Chi, and Cgy fans

Like in a pinch you can use him there but hes better as like that third pair bruiser who can move the puck, eat more mins than a usual guy like that, kill penalties etc. Cause usually 3rd pair guys play 10-12mins. This guy can give u around 18mins TOI a game if need be.

This sums it best


But yea him being the only move would help the problem a bit but more would still be needed as a right side of

Brodie, Liligren, Timmins or Klingberg does not spell confidence. As with Klingberg not being 100% and Timmins seemingly being injury prone were probs gonna need someone

Maybe Bear via FA, maybe bigger deal for Tanev, maybe buy low Peeke but yea someones gonna for sure be needed.</div></div>

Ya...generally that's what I'm thinking, too....and I'm coming from a place where I've mentioned Zadorov a while back as a guy I'd like to see in the lineup as I think he brings a combo of physicality and offense that we could use...I just wonder if we'd end up forcing him into a role he isn't ready for.

There's gotta be some sort of move coming up soon with TImmins close to returning...maybe that's just Klingberg to LTIR (even if just temporarily)...but something's gotta give soon.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NorthernLeafsFan05</b></div><div>You're still missing my point. Klingberg gets traded to a team that isn't Calgary prior to any Zadorov deal. Ship Klingberg out to a team like Chicago for a minor piece in return, then add Zadorov.

If we're talking potential additional pieces, I think Walker Duehr is a good bet</div></div>

If/when/where Klingberg gets traded could largely depend on his 10-team no trade list. I tried reading into it a bit, and a "10 team no-trade clause" in the contract "usually" needs to be submitted before the season starts however is sometimes worded so that the player submits his list "upon request".

That alone could make a big impact since, if John would rather try and play out the year in Toronto vs getting bounced around...he could easily submit a list that includes Calgary (or any other team) that he's rumoured to be going to.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aadoyle</b></div><div>That would not be a smart use of assets. The smart thing is to pkg him off to bring in an upgrade in the same trade. Look what EDM did with Barrie


I think the timing of a deal has an impact. If you're Calgary and signs are pointing to a potential sell off...you're less willing to take cap back on a trade now without extra sweeteners since cap space can be weaponized at the deadline (that's going to go for any team looking at taking in klingberg). If the deal is done at the deadline...it makes less of an impact because they'll have a clearer picture of if they need that space to facilitate other deals they like better.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>oneX</b></div><div>If you think back to the week Dubas and then Shanny had their press conferences, both mentioned having a discussion about an extention right after the TDL...let me just say how so, so poorly that was handled by both of them. From that point on, **** just got worse...I couldn't believe 2 people in management handling things so poorly that one of them decides after a press conference that a change needed to be made.

Now...Treliving wasn't my pick for GM but let's be fair here, he was hired so late especially if you consider the names on this team that needed new contracts.

I think he didn't have the normal amount of time to A: assess the team and B: have the patience based on the first point...and that's why there's a few 1 year deals.

The whole philosophy point made here had some real thought behind it. Good stuff.

Last point...some of you think that Klingberg can be traded without attaching assets to move him...well guy..cap space doesn't grow on trees. I think it will cost assets to move him.</div></div>

I agree with everything you wrote here....especially about the short time frame treliving had and how all those 1yr deals makes sense for a guy that wants to keep the team competitive while not hamstringing himself long-term....it's just the thought process behind the klingberg signing I'm struggling to find the logic in....hopefully when everyone is back and healthy they can shelter him more and the mistakes will be less prevalent
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