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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SMH</b></div><div>I'll be honest if savard was signed to 3M or 3.2M i would've been happier but he signed a new deal last year for 3.5M and had a good year after a bad start on a horrible team, he plays hard and gives you 20 min a night which is 2 more than demelo, calling a stay at home D who can still score that gives you 20 min a night while making 3.5M overpaid with a long contract is crazy talk

Pepole on this website look at numbers on db instead of TOI to determine a players worth are exhausting</div></div>

People around here mostly dont have any idea of players evaluation. They think they could fill a roster with just 80 points players and don’t understand that you need players like Savard or Armia or Goodrow or Coleman or Gourde. Players get paid, some off them get to much money but that doesn’t mean they can’t play and contribute. Drouin is one that get that treatment a lot here. Is been a 50 + points constant players and get so much hate. Most team would trade for him for the right price. People just like to hate everyplayers that they don’t like but still try to trade for them by making lousy offer. Last year i was one of the few that said that MTL wouldn’t trade Lehkonen for spare part. I made a few post explaining that the Habs didn’t need to trade him unless they get something valuable in return. I received so much hate and some people reported my thread saying a was trolling lol. But at the end of the day i knew all along that i was right. Same for Chariot and Kulak. It will be the same things again this year especially when most of the players on the Habs roster had their worst career season. I doubt that it will be the case 2 years in a row and players will raised their stocks and will be traded for valuable assets by the deadline. End you know what, no one will make excuse or admit they where wrong all along.
A couple of Avs fan are more then happy that Sakic traded Barron for Lehkonen, but by that time they where all crying like baby. If you haven’t made your homework about a players end like you said based your opinion on hockey DB you shouldn’t exchange here with people who really follow the game.
Sorry for my « montez de lait »
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