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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HOCKEYBOY448</b></div><div>Yeah that first game was one they needed. They’ve been terrible since the 3rd period of game one. As optimistic as I’d like to be, they need the top guys to step up big time. They can’t expect to win if they generate little to no offense. Of all the teams in the playoffs this year and I’ve seen games from all across the league, they’ve gotta be the worst team at generating offense 5 on 5 (maybe second worse with Dallas). I don’t think McDavid could save them with how mediocre they’ve been 5 on 5 and he’s on legit god mode this playoffs.</div></div>

5 X 5 offense has been an issue all year, and will have to be addressed in the off season. But for now- maybe they get a little O generation if they replace Braun w/ Zac Jones? Or maybe go 11F/ 7D...sitting Reaves?? Without the spark he can contribute (which he hasn't so far) their forwards are essentially a man down with Reaves in the lineup.

But as far as their play is concerned- I think they've played pretty well...much better than they played against PIT. For sure CAR is the better team (I think we all knew that coming into the series)...but NYR seem to be playing much better in front of their net, and losing (2) 1 goal games, the difference has been that they have not taken advantage of the chances they've had. If Kakko hits the open net - they most likely win game 1...and if Strome shoots puck through ADA- last night's game would have a much different feel to it. The only negative I'd dwell on is Panarin's play...unless he wakes up, Drury (of course his hands are tied) might need to rethink about what this team is paying 11 M per for.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Masonh618</b></div><div>Highly doubt Philadelphia would do it, but I could see someone else at the cap floor could say yes.
The Rangers are far more likely to keep Ryan Reaves than to re-sign Frank Vatrano in my eyes -- especially if the plan is to maroon Vatrano down to the third line and separate him from Kreider and Zibanejad.
Kakko will get money in between Chytil and Lindgren
Copp will make $5.5-6M unless you give him an 8 year deal (a la Ryan Nugent-Hopkins)
Blais presumably gets the money from his RFA tender ($1.6M) and Motte will get a similar salary to that.

On the other hand, I could actually see your scenario for Brennan Othmann play out like that, but I believe the maximum games you can play before your contract slides is 10, not 35. As a result, he'd have to go back to the OHL if he doesn't pass the audition.</div></div>

Othmann going to be a tough decision unless he shows in camp he's ready for the huge jump from juniors to NHL. Reality is AHL is probably the best for his development- but 19 YOs can't play in AHL...and he turns 20 in January. And unless they intend to keep him on NYR, his ELC sliding 1 more year could prove significant to their CAP management- but that would mean him playing max 9 games with NYR before being sent back to junior or down to AHL. So I guess it's a matter of what's beneficial to him: back to juniors so he plays heavy minutes start to finish? or stick with the team- probably play a minimal role in 9 spaced out games- all while practicing with the team...then to AHL in January to finish season there with a heavy workload that point and forward.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CapsJets</b></div><div>Interesting swap of Eller and Kravstov. I know Caps fans like myself are ready to ship Eller away for next to nothing, so how com Rangers fans are so down on Kravtsov? He's still very young.

Also, the move with the Jets is very interesting, but I still wonder if that gets it done for the Rangers. As a Jets fan, maybe I'm slightly bias and over value Schiefele a bit, but I wonder if the Jets even listen to offers that don't start with "Lafreniere"</div></div>

Kravtsov made his own bed...twice he has taken his ball and gone home after being left off the roster out of camp. To be fair- he did have SOME reason to be pissed...one year he was odd man out while B. Smith was kept as a hybrid wing/D...and the next time he was left off because they didn't want to waive Libor Hajek. But keep in mind- he got injured in camp last year following taking the NYR training staff to task (during 20/21 exit interview) regarding off season training. If the kid went with the program, and then worked his a$$ off in Hartford- he'd probably be 1 or 2 RW right now!

It remains to be seen what happens from here. Word is he has plans to be in NY this summer to train...don't know if that's a sincere effort to get back with team or to "show" a little maturity so that he regains some value so that they can trade him by the draft. Drury does keep info close to the vest...and it appears at this point that he will not sell low on Krav. And not sure what the players think of him...if any venom towards him, I doubt he'll ever wear a NYR sweater. But if the players like him (or at least indifferent), I would give equal chances to 1) Playing with NYR next year 2) Starting year in Hartford (would really show a change of heart on his part) 3) Getting traded by the draft 4) Remaining property of NYR- but continue playing in Russia.
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