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Forum: Armchair-GM12 déc. 2021 à 15 h 33
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>christianyog</b></div><div>If the Jets are not a playoff bound team this season, I would fire Maurice. I really want the Jets to fire him now, he really isn't living up to his expectations. Also the strategies he is using isn't working, I've seen too many giveaways lately. Good options would be:

Lane Lambert (Brad Lambert is his nephew, somehow if we steal him if could work out)
Pascal Vincent
Mark Morrison
Claude Julien
Rick Tocchett

I do agree with you about bringing up Heinola, Perfetti, and Gus, although I wouldn't put Perfetti on the fourth line. Also Comrie should be let go, yes he is starting to find his form but hasn't really done much to prove himself as a full time backup. I would give Berdin one more year in the AHL and do one of two things. Bring up Holm or sign a backup goalie in FA. Right now Holm has looked like the better goalie from a landslide. If he keeps up his dominance, I would call him up near the end of the season and give him an opportunity.

Perfetti and Heinola would be great on the PP. Gus would be a solid PK. Both of those need a big change as analytically, it's horrendous.

Also agree with you locking up Dubois long-term. But I would swap him with Schief as Dubois plays better with Connor. Also put Svech on that line.

I would let Copp walk in FA and resign Stastny over him. After Wheels, we don't have much of a veteran presence on the team. Rakell is a great option, gives us another offensive weapon beside Connor. Right now Connor is our only goal-scorer, in the Ducks games I've watched, I've seen Rakell play as a goal-scorer.

If Rashevsky wasn't signed in the KHL until the 2024-25 I would give him a shot, so far he's looking like a steal. I don't think Lucius will be NHL-ready next year. Give him two years to develop (one year at university and one year in the AHL).

Also I would do the 11F and 7D lines. Right now Stanley doesn't deserve to be scratched.

The lines should look like this:



Holm or FA backup

Overall, I like this a lot.</div></div>

Does Um ehlers sit in the box?
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